Advice needed about new DE key cles

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  1. Hi guys, I bought a cles off of and it came perfect apart from a rough zipper. It opens smoothly but closing it is hard. Should I return or will I get the same problem with the next one? Does it smooth out with time? Any similar experiences? Advice please. Should I exchange or return for a refund or keep? Thanks everyone.
  2. It should get easier with use (both of mine did) but if you're not satisfied, or are unwilling to wait and find to out because of the return time frame, then ask for an exchange. The replacement shouldn't have any trouble opening or closing.
  3. I don´t know. But if you hold this, than you can take a wax (maybe from candle) and smooth soft over the zipper. It works good;)good luck
  4. Wax paper may help- less messier than from candle
  5. Over time it gets really smooth! If you zip and unzip plenty of times, you can tell a difference after. I have my Cles for a year now and the zipper was like yours in the beginning but now it's butter smooth :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies. I think I will just keep it and as you say just use it and wait for it to smooth out.
  7. Oh paper? I dont know this. sounds good:smile: