Advice needed abot Nube coffer please.

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  1. Hi, need advice on the coffer in the nube colour - very pale grey. I'm worried about colour transfer and dirt. The SA said this won't happen as the glazed finish is almost like patent, so protects it. I'm not so sure. I'm worried about colour transfer if I wear black or indigo jeans - this happened to a suede bag I once I had. Also, does it stain in the rain? Finally is this same colour that was out a couple of seasons ago - there was another pale grey with gold hardware that I was after. Or was that darker than the nube? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm just bumping up this thread as the nube has become available again. I'd also like to know if it has blue tones in it or is it a true grey? Thanks.
  3. ^ I'm interested in the nube leather as well - esp. about the denim transfer? I had no idea nube was back until I recently saw it online :O
  4. I will not be keen if its a blue-grey as I just want a true light grey. So hard to find!
  5. I love nube in pictures, it looks like cold grey to me :amuse: I wanted to buy a bag in nube vitello lux but haven't found it yet in Miu miu stores... but I saw a nappa keyholder in Nube and it looked really blue to me, more like Fiordaliso :oh::shucks:.. but I think it depends on the material as well, vitello lux may look more grey IRL, at least I hope so :smile:
  6. ^Is vitello lux the shiny, glazed material?
  7. Yep :yes:
  8. Hmmmm, I'm not sure, it doesn't seem like nube to me... nube is a little lighter, I think :smile: This looks more like Deserto or maybe Pomice or even Argilla :biggrin: (depends on the lightning). But it could also be nube, it's hard to tell beaucse Miu miu colors vary a little... Nube is the color in these pics:

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  9. ^^Thanks. Wow they all look different. I'm not keen on the blue tones.
  10. Not true about glazed finish provided protection against color transfer. You still have to be v careful for light colors miu miu bags even if it is glazed.

    I have a nube mini bow and it's a true light grey. No blue undertone in it. It's a very nice easy to match color but only worries is to be very careful when you wear jeans :biggrin:
  11. ^^ I also heard this about color transfer :/ But I still like this bag in nube :biggrin::

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  12. Just wondering, is this also nube in the bow? It just seems to look diff in every photo :P

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  13. Oh no.. How bad is the colour transfer in the nube? Does it transfer even with mid-light blue jeans? I may have just ordered a bag in nube hehe.
  14. ^^ Yes, it's the nube bow, i love it! :cool:

    Well, if you don't have trouble with pomice, maybe nube will be ok as well :smile: