Advice My Tikal PM

  1. Hello ladies,
    Am still new here this is my first thread andi have just startet collecting designer bags.I love louis vuitton and so my first bag was tikal pm.Its a few months old i love it but i find it to be too small.Not so many things can fit in.Here comes my question what do you think guys i should do??Should i sell it buy new or keep it and save money to buy new???I have come to love popincourt haut and i also love manhattan pm.
    What do u guys think???????????????
    Was unable to upload foto too big have to reduce it will atach it soon
  2. I think it depends on how attached you are to the bag that you have right now. I don't really use my pochette as much as I used to, but I can't let it go because it was technically my first LV and designer bag. I say keep it for a while, save up for the new one, and if you still don't want the tikal, sell it.
  3. Here are pictures
    louis vuitton 1.jpg
  4. I was thinking about getting a Tikal PM because it is so cute, but I don't mind small bags. But if you don't think you'll use it you could either hold on to it for a while and decide to sell it later. Find something you truely love and can enjoy!! yes:
  5. Pochette tikal PM is cute, love the turn lock closure..

    I don't know your financial situation, may be you can wait and save up for the bag you love or sell this pochette to finance your next bag.
  6. I'll say keep it get another bag. This is simply too cute to let go.
  7. Thank you guys for ur reply.i think i will save and buy a popincourt haut or manhattan which is a little expensive
  8. I love Tikal PM. I would keep it and save for a new bag.
  9. Glad you decided to keep the bag. I think you should always keep firsts. :yes:
  10. You could always use that Tikal PM as a going out bag when you only need a few items!!
  11. ^^ My thoughts exactly!
  12. start a collection keep me in LV you need different sizes...I have the Speedy30 and the LH and I need an evening size bag...mine you my pouchette accessoire could work for evening...okay maybe I do not need another bag and would just like is important to have an everyday bag shoulder and an evening and weekend bag hand helded IMO....
  13. Tikal PM is such a cute bag. I was so close to buying one so many times. I know it's pretty small, but it is perfect for when you only need a few basics. I say keep it!!!
  14. ´close ur figures for me i will probably get MC pricissila next month on my birthday from someone dear to me.
  15. I love my Tikal PM. It's perfect for going out in the evening or on the weekend with a few items.