Advice most appreciated....

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  1. I have bought and consigned/sold/traded more bags --its embrassing. I actually dont want many --I would prefer to have 2 everydayish ones and a dressier bag. My dilemma-like many of you I purchase only Hermes bags at this point. I am in that Sisyphean struggle.............nothing else compares in quality or style but I find I am struggling mightily with the right bag. Much as I love the look, and the shallower depth, I simply cant work with the kelly. The straps drive me insane. The bolide is gorgeous but a little too something I cant put my finger on for me. The 30 birkin is a bit small practically speaking and can seem prissy, but the 35 seems so huge and heavy. Particularly in darker colors that you would want a 35 black. Anyone getting any "I know what she means" feelings or am I just nuts?:shame:

    I think this is in the wrong thread....sorry
  2. I know what you mean! How about the HAC?? I love my 32 but since you are petite you might prefer the 28.
  3. I know what you mean!
  4. HAC 32 for you perhaps?
  5. Sometimes it really just takes awhile to find the bag thats right for you. I'm the same way with wallets too, I've bought tons of them but when you find the one that works for you, its just fits. I went thru several bags to find for everyday I'm a 35 birkin girl, but I do find since its so big I just lug more "junk" than I would ever need to.
  6. well i know i'm going to get flamed for this but maybe the Hermes style just don't work for you. I know everyone here loves hermes and they are great bags but I do think the styles are semi-limited. i know for me i have to have a shoulder bag for every day and there are very few shoulder styles and even less that are suitable for what i need to carry every day. not every bag or brand is for every person. maybe your love of hermes could be translated better to the accessories rather than the bags.... just some thoughts. i'm sure i'll get strung up in hermes jail by my clic clac for saying that.

    on the flip side what about a constance as a night/ weekenbd/ dressy bag?
  7. Yes I agree with hlfinn. I am also more of a shoulder bag person and the opening of the Kelly and Birkin takes time and a certain elegance which sometimes doesn't translate to a fast-paced lifestyle. If I wasnt' very sure about a bag then I'll leave it in the store for another TPFer to enjoy more! hee hee.
  8. and a certain elegance

    lmao. which i'm sure i don't posess! lol
  9. I go through periods where I don't want to be bothered with a Birkin or Kelly. If I'm tired or stressed. When one of my dogs was very ill (he has recovered but I haven't), I just wore a MM Picotin or 37cm. Bolide because it was easy and I was tired. I still have remained with these two styles since I'm not doing anything exciting. It's the winter blahs!
  10. How about a Dalvy bag? I like the 'under the radar'. This beauty is a BIN at 4050. right now. It has been posted earlier in either authenticate/website (if anyone likes).
  11. Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. I love the birkin but more times than not, need a shoulder bag. I think you should try a trim.
  12. Ooh...good call, RC. I love a Trim, although I don't know that it's very popular. I saw someone with a BJ togo or clemence 35cm Trim this fall and it blew me away. And I don't even usually like BJ!
  13. The Trim is a great bag. Easy in/out. Just wanted to add that I have several and one is BJ togo which is a fab bag for summer/spring. Not heavy either.
  14. Trim and Trim II
    But you have to remember that there are two types of Trims. The Trim I has not gussett and lies flat, one cant get much "stuff" into it. But the Trim II, which is what I have, has a gussett on the bottom and you can get practically everything but the "kitchen sink" in it. I have 5 Trim II in 35 cm and am able to get a pair of Tod's shoes, a whole set of Laszlo makeup and of course the wallets and key cases. Also, the new ones have a zipper for safety and two pockets in which to put incidentals. All in all, this is a great everyday bag.
  15. I think a nice edited collection would be a 35 in black or graphite, a 30 in gold (I also struggle with the cutesy factor of a 30 birkin but find that in an elegant, serious, lighter color, it's perfect), and a shoulder bag. Your style is perfect for a trim--understated and elegant.
    As for a dressy bag, I'd say either a 28 kelly in black box or chevre (for you, chevre). I find a Kelly hard to work with as well but for an occasional dress bag, it's not a big deal.
    Then we also need a work bag (non-hermes?) and a casual, no fuss bag when we are out with the kids at one of their sporting event (not sure on that one--maybe just a longchamp pliage?).