Advice: Lindy vs. Evelyn

  1. Hoping to get my first Hermes next year.

    Lindy or Evelyne.
  2. OK, the title says advice - go for the Lindy. I like the Evelyne, too, but find the Lindy so pretty, versatile and modern.

    What colours are you considering?
  3. ^And it packs more in than an Evelyne. The Evelyne is flat so if you put too much it, the bags looks bulky and ugly.
  4. i try on the evelyne in etoupe, and i like that colour alot.
  5. Lindy for my vote as well! You can fit a ton of stuff in there!
  6. I have an etoupe Lindy - it's fab!
  7. Well anyone that's read H-Bird's thread on the lindy knows that I am head over heels in love with the Lindy! It will be my first bag! No doubt!!!! So that is definitely my vote, and I agree with the above : It will hold more and be a better day bag if that's what you are after.
  8. any one know the price of lindy
  9. Evelyne is good if you want a bag that hugs your body on the shoulder.
    Its also good if you want an under the radar bag.
    I tried the Lindy bag but it stuck out weird under my arm and I couldn't wear it. I love the E bag, though. Love it.
  10. I couldn't wear the Lindy, either - really stuck out and was quite uncomfortable. I think it would be great as a handbag if it were really stuffed (which I can't do due to weight issues).

    Have you considered the Bolide? It's a super bag - very smart looking.
  11. Hi babyshingo!

    I like them both...although the Evelyne is flat and the Lindy is more roomy inside.

    I am posting pics of both my Evelyne 2 PM (clemence, etoupe) and 30cm Lindy (evergrain, cafe, gh)...I hope it helps.:flowers:
    evelyne 2 pm etoupe clemence.jpg Lindy 30cm cafe evergrain gh.jpg
  12. Thanks. I guess I have to go to the shop to try it, to see if it will stick out...
  13. The shape of the Lindy is beautiful and I agree this bag is gorgeous in etoupe
  14. Lindy -- I have both bags, and Lindy is more versatile, unless you want a bag that across your body.

    Not sure of U.S. prices, but the marked-up Japan price may have been in the $6k range.
  15. I Love both bags... but for your first I would go for the Lindy...