Advice - Just keep or sell for low?

  1. Hey y'all I purchased a bow bag back in Dec. 2013. I became so disappointed in the bag so quickly when the color started to turn on the corners of the bag. I called Miu Miu and they were really weird about it like they knew it was a problem but definitely sold me on this "amazing quality" bag. I only used it for 5 months and haven't used it since. That was almost 2 years ago...

    I HATE having things I don't use. I have tried selling it on Poshmark and Ebay to no avail. I've tried selling it for what I'd like to get back for it, but obviously people don't want to pay what I'm asking.

    I sent pictures to a couple online consignment shops and both quoted me only $200-300 for a bag I paid $1590 for! I was so mad I just decided to try to sell it on my own, but like I said, haven't been able to.

    What would YOU do? Should I just go ahead and sell the bag to one of these places or should I just keep it and get over it? It's a nice bag I just get scared using it and don't like to baby my bags! I thought to ask the question after I saw someone ask something similar on youtube about her Prada. The youtuber suggested she just sell to the consignment shop. :thinking:

    Thanks y'all!
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  2. Sell it and use the money to buy something you will love and use :smile:
  3. i recently purchased a miu miu and within only 3 uses it had color transfer, so i'm in a similar situation. the bag cannot be resold for what i paid and the quotes from consignment were low. i wouldn't take such a loss on the bag since it's so new. i would list it on ebay or wherever you have it listed (for the price you want) and use it in the meantime. while you're waiting for a buyer you can continue to enjoy it. the fact that it has color fading might allow you to actually feel more comfy using it b/c it's not 'perfect' anymore. once you've used it more often then giving it up later (for a low price) may not hurt as much as it would now. the bag will only continue to lose value so you may as well enjoy it while it's doing that. imo:smile:
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  4. OP that's a huge loss to take. I say use the bag and get your money's worth out of it! Why not if you're not gonna get much out of selling it anyway! The alternative is if you really have no desire to use it at all then just list it on EBay for as low as you're willing to take or try a few other consignment sites. Good luck.
  5. I have more than one bow bag in various sizes-maybe I am not as fearful because I purchased them all preowned except for one. Anyway, I would just use your bag - Loving My Bags makes some great products that help protect and moisturize, I apply them once a month when I am using my bow bags. After two years of daily use as my work bag, my bow tote did not look significantly different than it did when I bought it preowned, except that the handles were slightly more worn.

    What color is your bow?
  6. I guess my problem now is that I just don't like the bag. I don't want to use it. :\ I keep trying to like it but I'm so over it and just so disappointed. I just can't believe how little I can get for it at this point.
  7. If you know that you won't use the bag again, then sell it. You definitely aren't getting your money's worth out of the bag with it just sitting in your closet. If you sell it, you can, at least, recoup some of your losses. And you won't get anywhere near what you paid for the bag. Miu Miu bags just don't retain their value. I have one Miu Miu bag and knew going in that I would never get anywhere near back what I paid for the bag. Miu Miu is not like Chanel where bags retain their value very well. And there are tons of Miu Miu bow bags on the second hand market so the demand for them just isn't there either. That style had it's day and it's day in the sun is gone. I thought it was a cute bag when it was out but struck me as a trendy bag that would fall out of style which is exactly what happened. No one is going to pay big bucks for a more trendy bag that is no longer trendy. If you want to be able to sell bags for a decent return on your investment, don't buy Miu Miu or Prada. I wouldn't really look at Chloe, Balenciaga, or Gucci either. The only bags I have really gotten a fair amount of what I paid for the bag were from LV, Fendi, and Chanel, and they were all classic style bags. You will never get your money back on a trendy bag that is out of trend.
  8. I am in the same predicament as you. Unfortunately, I also got a bow bag and thought it was the most cutest thing ever back then. I never even gave a thought to trendy bags and recouping money if I ever didn't want it anymore. The color (mughetto) was hard to match and somewhere down the line it got black spots inside while sitting :sad: I decided to keep mine since its not worth selling. Maybe pass it on to my daughter (if I have one) sometime in the future lol It's still has a timeless shape and looks good so it wouldn't be too bad to keep it around.

    Since you really don't seem to want to use the bag at all, then I would sell it...something is better than nothing at all. Or try getting a tax break for donating it perhaps?
  9. You're right. I did get a $400 offer for it so I may end up just taking that even though it's kind of sad to me, lol. But at the time I bought it I wasn't super aware of value and depreciation and all that. I'm definitely more aware of that now and will be smarter in the future. Thanks for your help!
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  10. Did it work out for you? I am considering some thing from the brand and would love to hear how you got on.
  11. I ended up selling it for $650 shipped, so still bad but the best offer. I really disliked the bag. I do think the mini versions are cute, but the quality is poor.
  12. Its sad to know miu miu bow resell value is low :sad: its really a cute bag. I remembered last year i was searching high and low for a mughetto coz the pale pink is so pretty ! I hunted for about a year on ebay but finally i bought one in my local webshop.
    i have never used it coz i know this bag i need to baby it so much.. Im not sure whether i should let it go.. :sad:
  13. ^^ I think you should definitely start using it if you like it ;) My Mughetto bag (not the bow bag, but it's the same material) has been holding up perfectly :smile:

    But if you don't like the bag that much, you should sell it, there's no point in keeping something that's just sitting in your closet :smile:
  14. I have the a similar problem on another bag and i am looking to most likely selling after reading the replies.. should i sell this bag?