Advice? Ink off of Siggie?

  1. I just won this on eBay.
    Any idea on how I could remove it?
    I tried searching 'Ink stains' but didn't come up with much.
    Any advice/tips would help.
    Thank you ladies =)

  2. You could try the Signature Fabric Cleaner but honestly, I don't think that would work. I've used a Tide To Go pen on shirts to remove ink, black marker and highlighter and it worked on all three, so you could try that. Rubbing alcohol (or hairspray) always works good to remove ink from fabrics but I think I'd be too chicken to try that on a khaki signature bag.
  3. the fabric cleaner got sharpie out of my sig agenda, so give it a try. :yes:
  4. No kidding!? That's quite impressive! Thanks for posting that, Kallison. I don't think I even would have tried that!
  5. oh yeah, i was REALLY surprised it worked. made me very happy!
  6. how much did you get it for? the ink should come out with that sig cleaner. or try shout wipes
  7. LOL I was bidding on that too! After it got over $56 I gave up. Great buy! :heart: it!

    And yes siggie fabric cleaner should do the trick!
  8. I just saw that and thought about bidding on it! I'm glad a PF gal got it! it was like 50 bucks when I looked at it!
  9. Thank you Mokoni and Kallison. Your tips gave me some hope. I didn't think I was going to win the auction and after I did I was worrying.