Advice: I might be adopting this kitten...

Dec 2, 2005
Was your pet adopted or bought? Wierd q, I know... But I've wanted an American Curl cat for the longest time, and I emailed this lady who breeds them. She told me she's expecting a litter in may, but that they're around $800 - 900 a kitten. :Push:

I've paid more than that for a bag, but I'd kinda feel guilty paying that for a cat when I know that there are lots of free ones who need adoption... Any advice? Is that too much for a pet?

She sent me a pic of one of the kittens...

i picked up crunchy off the street.

that's her when i first got her back that night. she literally jumped in the car.

love at first sight!


i don't know, i never paid for any pets. except for fish. all other pets i've gotten were from adoption. either free off the street, or donations. for me there's too many out there to pay for one, but i won't hold it against you if you pay for yours. to each their own.


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I bought a purebred dog last year (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), but I've always adopted stray cats and cats from shelters, and they all turned out to be wonderful pets. With dogs, certain breeds have certain personality traits, and we wanted a dog that we knew would be good with kids. With cats, I think it's less the breed than how you treat them. BTW, couldn't see your picture.
maybe go check out the adoptions first. see if there's one out there that you might take home. if not, maybe you should go for the kitten that you want for $900?
When you adopt, you're really getting the luck of the draw. You could end up with a wonderfully warm and friendly kitten, or you could end up with one that doesn't really like human company. Some animals that are put up for adoption may have been neglected, resulting in bad temperaments.

Not trying to be a downer, but I just want your kitten to be perfect!! And of course, there are tons of people who adopt animals that have nothing 'wrong' with them:P
I think its totally up to you. Are you really set on this breed? Have you looked at what is available at the shelters? Personally all of the 4 cats I've had in my life have been adopted and I don't think I'd pay $8-900 knowing that there are so many others that need homes. But that is just me. If you feel guilty about spending so much on a cat when there are so many in shelters, perhaps you can look for a rescue society? Almost every breed has them and if they don't have something available they can keep their eyes open for you. The compromise may be an adult cat vs. a kitten though.

PS. its the luck of a draw with a breeder too, every animal has their own personality so its luck either way.
Ahhh.. We've taken in stray kitties and they've made wonderful pets. But I also love Siamese cats so I know what you mean by wanting a particular breed. So we got both. Have you thought about getting one of each (save a kitty & get one of the 'Curl' breed)? I've found if you get them together they bond, sleep together, play together, keep each other company so you don't feel so guilty leaving them....

Fayden, it is always so nice to hear 'happy' saved animal stories. Kind hearted souls and I bet she pays you back a million times over for saving her in the joy she gives you.
So many need to be adopted from the shelter. We have done it both ways, but mostly adopt. We do have a purebred lemon beagle but cats are strays and those from the shelter -- and we now have six of eight puppies who were abandoned at our church. We adopted out two today. It was a rough day.
Good luck with your decision.
I recently bought a kitten for the very first time. I bought a Russian Blue. I always admired that breed -- but I was unsure, as you are. I'd always adopted kittens from the humane society before.

I did a lot of research online! One thing that I learned is that you are actually assuring yourself of getting a healthier animal temperment wise, if you go with a reputable breeder because cats at the humane society are often inbred -- on the street, nobody is making sure that cousins don't breed with cousins and mothers don't breed with sons etc.

Anyway. My dip into the pedigree world was a huge success. I love my cat. He is such a complete and utter darling. So very loving! But no different from the other lovely cats that I adopted from the humane society -- cats are cats are cats, in that sense.

I guess I felt guilty about picking a kitten just for his looks, rather than giving a needy animal a home. There's almost a whole 'modeling' agency thing surrounding the whole breeder's world -- like looks are all that matters (because breeders are rearing animals in order to win medals in shows). A reputable breeder, though, will care more about the health and happiness of her cats than their success in the ring.

The main thing that I learned in my research -- the importance of going through a reputable breeder and cattery.

Also, if you can visit the cattery first or attend shows -- it really gives a good idea of what the purebred world is like.
Thanks for the useful advice guys! This really is a tough decision... I've always loved the look of Curls (their ears naturally fold back like a Scottish Fold's), and they are famous for being very friendly and dog-like in personality...

I probably can't adopt another one, though I'd like to, because I live in a small apartment

Is it wierd that I'm also worried that I'll pay the $900, and the cat won't like me or something? :wondering Because my friend's cat scratches and hisses at her whenever she comes near it... :Push:
PPS Also forgot to say that reputable breeders are often quite picky about how they place kittens -- they make you fill out questionnaires, etc. because they want to be sure that the kitten is going to a good home.

Also, there are waiting lists for some litters.

It's often not all that easy to become an adoptive parent in the world of pedigree cats!
I worried about the same thing -- I wondered if the kitten would bond with me or not. I think that, while each cat does have his/her own personality, the breed profiles are actually pretty accurate. I think it would be very very unusual if your kitten didn't bond with you. Also, you usually get to meet the parents of the kitten, and you can judge how friendly and loving the parents are -- this is usually a huge, huge indicator of how friendly your kitten will be.
My kitten is beautiful and loving! I was so worried, but now, I wouldn't hesitate to spend that money again.