advice: i have tortured my SA..........

  1. what can i do to show i appreciate the help above and beyond but not look like iam being inappropriate? anyone ever done this or is it not smart--
  2. Send flowers!

  3. really??????????????????? to the store?
  4. Yes, why not? I´m sure she would be so pleased and would help you as much in the future too:yes:
  5. how about a nice thank you note? you can be specific about what you appreciated.
  6. A well-written thank you note on fine stationery does WONDERS. Take it from me...:whistle:

  7. would others look askance at something more than a note?
  8. i personally wouldn't do more than a note.
  9. is a gift of any sort inappropriate?
  10. yeah--i dont want it to be miscontrued and i am sure i am not the only crime is indecision
  11. I´m wondering why not?

  12. i dont know-Hermes is funny weird place. do you think its true that people pay SA's to get them certain bags? i never would but i had re-sellers tell me thats how they got their bags
  13. As far as I know, Hermes SAs are only allowed to accept flowers and gifts of food from their customers.
  14. I think it depends on how well you know your SA.
  15. Nothing weird about H at all. I refuse to believe that re-sellers get their bags in this way, it's simply absurd. The SAs have to work within set guidelines. A thoughtful gesture, such as a note, flowers , or chocolates is always appreciated.