Advice??? I don't know how to approach this!!!

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  1. OK, so I've been going on and on about the arrival of my "highly coveted" legacy bag arrival.
    I went to the PO and picked it up today....and I've gotta say I'm not too thrilled with the condition.

    Let me start by saying that I was TOTALLY prepaired for the bag to be in used condition, and I was TOTALLY OK WITH THAT. However, I was not prepaired for popped stitching...stained interior and sealent issues BADLY EVERYWHERE!!!

    I acquired this bag by doing a trade + cash. I traded my Bleeker woven pocket hobo (that was in EUC + $100 bucks) for Legacy MANDY! I don't know how to approach the seller/trader because my bag came from a smoking home and the other party totally knew this going in, but I feel like she's just going to use that to come back at me. I didn't get a chance to look the bag over really good until tonight when I got home from work. OH, and also there was green all around the brass grommets on the strap where you can adjust the length. That I easily removed with a toothpick.

    This bag is in need of some SERIOUS TLC!!! I feel like the maximum I wuld have been comfortable with for this bag was MY bag + $50 bucks!!!

    I'm getting ready to take some close-up photo's..tell me what you gal's think. The bag was described as in good used condition with the typical legacy leather scratches and character. <----This is what I was prepaired for.

    BrB with close up pic's.
  2. Here are the pic's...gosh even I didn't realize how bad it is. Let me say that I would have been OK with SOME sealant issues, that's a legacy trait. I would have been OK with a pen mark or two in the interior. Wait ti' you see this bag. Even if I had only got $150 for my Bleeker woven I paid $250 bucks for this bag!!!!

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  3. and more...

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  4. here's the last...

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  5. Wwyd???
  6. Well that interior is in horrible stained condition! I hope some of it will come out with treatment. The popped stitching doesn't bother me except for the area that is ready to give. I think the lining is what bothers me the most about this bag. Did she provide any pictures before you agreed to the trade?
  7. My God! The bag sure went to hell and back :faint: And like Alohikea said, did she give you any photos before you guys agreeing to trade with one another?
  8. The bag was listed and looked pretty darn good in the pic's, nothing like this or I would have been more cautious!!!! I know that legacy bags hold their value BUT when they are in THIS CONDITION the value goes down! This bag is not a $250 bag in the condition it's in!!!! FB was all good, I had great communication and no reason to think the bag would look like this!!!
  9. Clearly she didn't use any current photos to represent the bag she traded with you! I think you need to have a "talk" with this seller/trader and see if you could get back your own bag while you return this to her. Even if it's a trade + 100, sorry, it's just not worth it.
  10. ITA, the interior is enough to make me want to return it!
  11. Gahhh, this is why I refuse to buy sight unseen! Unfortunately used means different things to different people! That to me is beyond used. Maybe someone could give you tips on reconditioning the bag, good luck!
  12. Oh my. I say return it.
  13. Gross. I could NEVER carry something that's been through whatever that bag has been though, it would make my skin crawl.

    Make her take it back. SNAD. Do whatever it takes but get that mess off your hands. Yuck. :sick:
  14. I'd talk to the seller. Show her how your pictures of the actual condition of the bag DO NOT look like the pictures you saw before the trade. At the very least she needs to refund you the $100 cash so you can try and get this bag repaired. But I'd say if she'll just trade you back totally to go for it. Did she have any sort of return policy??

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. :sad:
  15. "good used condition" it is not!

    So what do you want to do? Return it or get some cash back? Either way, I would talk to the seller asap. I'd probably ask to cancel the deal and get my (fabulous) bag back.