Advice: How early do I need to show up to the Black Friday sales?

  1. I want to go outlet-shopping that day, any advice?

    I think they open at 7 am, the drive there is 1 hour, so maybe I should leave at 6? I don't know...
  2. You wont find parking if you get there at that time. I don't know which outlet you're going to..but most outlets are doing Midnight Madness where they open up 12AM(not all stores included)...but b/c of this...the place will be packed by 11 trying to get parking...n whatever stores that didn't open at 12..will be open by 7AM.

    Try to go early to avoid traffic/parking craze.

    Better to go early..get a spot...grab a coffee and wait in peace for it to open..than fighting in the lanes for a spot! hehehe just IMO.
  3. Good advice snosno!

    Now I must figure out how I will get myself out of bed that early. Perhaps I should tape some bag pics on the wall next to my nightstand :P
  4. I always do a pre-sale scout and then have an SA hold my item. Then I am in no rush!
  5. BF will call and ask the outlets with bags for me for info on what they may have and such. He forwarded me an outlet midnight madness email so I take it that he's willing to take me at that time! :yahoo: I didn't expect that at all and am so thrilled!
  6. Honestly... leave really early. Chances are, there will be a huge line.

    The good thing is, it's still a bit warm, oddly enough... you won't freeze your ass off if you live somewhere that's normally cold
  7. Thanks guys!

    Kathy, which one are you going to? Looks like we're in for a wild time :smile:
  8. Make sure you wear close toed shoes!!! And have fun!!! :smile:
  9. For the non-Americans..what is black friday?
  10. ^Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when lots of stores have great sales.

    Is there going to be anything good online? I don't want to venture out to the mall this year.