Advice/help on buyer (military) w/apo in germany

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  1. I have US only in a listing on a pair of shoes. Buyer keeps emailing me. I keep telling her no. She tells me this AM she is in military & has APO address.

    She has positive FB of 37 & has been on eBay since 2002 & her ID is a US one.

    Is this safe & what kind of payment should I ask for.

    Not sure how PayPal works in terms of seller protection.

  2. Hmmm... im not sure how it works in the US but in the UK you can send to Military PO addresses and it costs the same as shipping within the country. What happens is it goes to an address within the country and then it's shipped out to where ever that person is posted at the time. The army have a PO that sorts their mail and makes sure it goes to the right place.

    With regards to how a paypal claim would work out - personally i wouldnt do it. If the buyer is a pain in the a$$ right now im sure they will be the same after the transaction. Keep politely saying no and add them to your block list if they wont take no for an answer.
  3. She only bought one item recently that I can click on in her feedback section. It was another pair of shoes but less $ than mine. I emailed the seller who posted positive FB if she sent to APO address & how she was paid. Hope she'll answer me.

    I don't even understand how this works. If someone is in Germany & as a seller you specify US only I thought my items would not even appear on eBay xxx (Country).
  4. Well if she goes to you can see every item regardless of where the seller will only ship to. As a UK buyer i tend to do an advanced search which only shows items where the seller is willing to ship to the UK, you just need to change the options. Obviously this person hasn't done that and is trying to get you to break your own rules. It is totally your decision but i really wouldn't take the risk.
  5. You are probably right. I had told her yesterday it was nothing personal but that I am an occasional seller who works F/T & it is really too much of a hassle for me & that I have no seller protection with PayPal if I sell to her. I stated my listing says US only so it kind of annoyed me that she asked me if it was personal and it was only after the 4th email I got from her this morning did she even mention being military & taht item wuld be shipped to APO address,
  6. An APO address is a US address. The cost of shipping will be however much it costs to ship from Dallas to New York. You can also have delivery confirmation put on the package.

    It's important to remember that when ebay lets you choose United States as your shipping destination, this also includes APO addresses.

    Just because she's living in Gemany doesn't mean it's not safe for you to send to her because you'd be shipping with domestic mail. Just look at it as shipping to New York. The only thing different is that you have to fill out a customs form, but she will not be charged customs.
  7. And will I be covered by Seller if the APO address is her confirmed address?

  8. The only thing im concerned about is if it gets lost after its deliverd to her barracks in the US. Would you still be coverd under seller protection? That is one question i dont know the answer to, sorry! Hopefully somebody will chime in with more info.

    I don't have anything against shipping to APO addresses at all, but its a worry if you're not covered and the transaction is a lot of $