Advice/help in selling Valentino shoes

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  1. #1 May 26, 2016
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    I have just bought my Valentino Noir ( pebbled leather) kitten heels flat on sale. When I tried it in store, it seems like a perfect fit. However after trying it at home, I do noticed my heels is hanging off the edge. I do not think stretching the front will help since I have pretty long toes and my toes are already pushed in as far as i could.

    Since the shoes are final sale ( purchased from Valentino store) , what do you ladies think I should do? I have never sold anything prior since most of the items that I purchased have good return policy. So I dont know if doing ebay would be best?
  2. That's a tough situation. You could list them on eBay and try sellin them but they charge a lot for the fees. I've never ran into this situation before but maybe you can call the boutique and ask if you could exchange them for another size/color. I know you said they were a final sale. It never hurts to try. Sorry they didn't work out for you!
  3. Unfortunately they do not have any more sizes. Mine was a 7.5 and that was the very last pair in the company.

    I was able to stop by at Barneys and tried on a size 8 ( different color) and I think the 8 fits me best ( although straps are a little loose).

    I really hate to sell it just because this one has the pebbled leather. All the other ones I've seen is smooth leather.

    I should have thought clearly behind I bought it. But the sa kept telling me that it was the right fit and because it was the last pair, I immediately purchased it.

    I guess i will have to call the store first and see what they say.
  4. Oh I hope they can do something for you! I've given into buying something that didn't fit right but bought it because it was on sale and a last pair.

    You can also see if you can get a quote from an online consignment shop to see what you could recoup. Or see what a cobbler could do for you. Good luck!

  5. I've tried the consignment store and think they are ridiculous. Maybe that's just me, but they are offering $350-$400 for my shoes which were brand new.

    I did ended up keeping them though because after wearing them around the houses, i think they looked fine. My right feet fits perfectly, its just the left feet that hangs out a little. My dh also said they fit great and look good on me ( after bugging me the whole night lol), he must have though I am crazy.

    Overall I am happy that I got this pair as it was everything that I wanted.
  6. Glad you've decided to keep them. As far as dealing with a consignment store, you will never get much for your shoes. They are out to make a profit as well, so that sounds about right.
  7. Great! I'm glad they worked out for you!