Advice...Halzan in etoupe or this Chanel crossbody.

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  1. I am obsessed with anything crossbody. I love this Chanel, but then also found the Halzan in the beautiful etoupe Halzan! Thoughts?

    I fell in love with the edginess of the Chanel, but also love the ease and leather on Hermes, and love, love my Evelyne! Also, have a more casual lifestyle....but am a working mom;). Thanks all!

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  2. I love this Chanel. LOVE it.
  3. +1
  4. Wow! Ok. Shocked in this forum, but fool. I love her too.
  5. Get both my best solutions
    One crossbody never enough
  6. #6 Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    I love chanel......but I don't like the chain strap
    I can imagine the uncomfort to carry this bag crossbody :shucks:

    I prefer an Halzan in this case
    This bag is nice
  7. I like the style of the Chanel bag but after owning several of their bags, the quality is really not anywhere near Hermes.

    I feel like you might have to baby this bag compared to the Halzan, and for this reason, I vote for H.
  8. Something to consider about chain straps -- tis a hot summer day and you are driving, the purse is on the seat and the sun is honed in on the chain. You are wearing a sleeveless top or worse your top is the new look of off the shoulder -- you know where this is going -- you grab the bag and without thinking twice, put it on. Chain meets flesh; you are a nanosecond away from screaming. Been there, done that, don't wanna go back.
  9. The chanel bag looks wonderful on you! Do you have a comparison shot wearing the halzan so that we can best advise? Generally speaking, if you like a more structured bag, the chanel is perfect. If you prefer a softer, smooshy bag, go with the halzan....Of course, one can easily make the argument for getting both!
  10. The Halzan has a huge advantage in that it can be a tote, crossbody, or clutch as well. If that sort of flexibility is useful to you, the Halzan is the winner. I would also guess that, for a working mom, the Halzan will be a tougher bag, and will hold more. But the Chanel is very cool--I certainly understand your attraction to it!
    I say both. Both serve different purposes! (Enable, enable, enable.)
  11. P.S. I am not knowledgeable about Chanel--Does this style have a name?
  12. I think it is the bucket drawstring bag or something......
  13. I have been thinking about getting both sadly.
  14. I don't, it would be coming in from another would need to wait.
  15. ��. Good point.