Advice greatly appreciated

  1. I am so torn - I love the Bling Bling shoes but missed them last year. There is a pair on the dreaded auction site I am contemplating.

    My questions are:

    The colour is metallic silver - is this too much for daytime wear? Does anyone have a pair, if so I'd love to see some pics in daylight so I cam gauge how "bling" they are?

    What is a reasonable price for them? Were they ever on sale?

    Any thoughts/pics would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The silver ones are TDF and IMO the best color for the Bling's. They are a truly RARE shoe and except for a few pairs at Nordstrom that went on sale unexpectedly (very limited sizes to begin with) everywhere else sold out of them full price. On eBay brand new ones have sold for $1450 - $1499 and they rarely pop up. If you're considering the pairs on eBay, they are TDF -- the seller is totally legit (the one from HK)....I've transacted numerous times with that seller before and all great experiences.
  3. Thanks foxy :smile:
  4. Mawsey - I love the bling blings, especially in silver. I will post some modeling photos for you later today. I am not sure if it's a shoe for daytime wear, but I guess with the right outfit, they would look fierce!
    In terms of sales, yes they did go on sale at Nordstroms only from what I understand because I still see them at full price at places like Saks, NAP etc. I got 2 pairs on sale at Nordstrom and ended up selling one pair, I think they were about $950 at the sale but there were only a few sizes and my SA had them on hold for me a few weeks before the sale started.
    If you are contemplating the pair that are on ebay now for $1199, then I think that is a very reasonable price, considering that they retail for $1325.
    Good luck!
  5. thanks Kamilla - you're always so helpful and knowledgeable.:flowers:

    yes - it;s the pair on ebay i am interested in. i do agree the price is reasonable and will continue to think about it.
  6. Its a beautiful shoe but IMHO I think its a little much for every day wear. Yes I agree with Kamilla that that pair is at a pretty reasonable price.
  7. Did you end up getting them?
  8. they are rare?? ohh, i saw a few pairs today.. :smile:
  9. PLEASE tell me where you saw the silver blings, did you happen to notice if they were in smaller sizes (36 or 36.5)?