Advice: good soft leather tote for university life

  1. I'm looking for something I can use at university and at my work. Something that isn't going to fall to peices, and can carry a laptop.

    I loooooove this Marc Jacobs bag , the leather colour and texture are beautiful. I just don't know if it would be big enough for a laptop? or hardy enough to carry one around?

    I'm looking to spend $500 tops, this is my first major bag purchase!!! :smile:

    Anyone have any reccomendations for me?
  2. I could like to recommend coach for a daily use laptop bag.
    like this tote for $428
  3. My mom had a coach bag for 21 years before it broke.
  4. I will have to think about a recommendation but you may want to read the "Heavy Bag" thread. If you are going to load up the bag, you certainly don't want to carry anything heavy.

    Good luck shopping!!
  5. I use a Chloe Edith to carry around my Apple laptop and notebooks. I bought it on sale for around $500 but it's back up to $1500 :wtf:. I don't understand it! Anyway, since the sales are basically over I'd go with a Coach bag if I were you.
  6. What about an Anya Hindmarch tote, or a tote from Celine. I have had both for university and carried a laptop in them with no problems and they are also light. Def check out the thread for heavy bags- and avoid them. You need something light but with strong sturdy straps or handles.
  7. i just bought a rebecca minkoff morning after bag a few days ago and i have been bringing my laptop places in it, it fits perfectly.
  8. Lucky brand..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have this bag in black... Very roomy :smile:
  9. Check out the large Cole-Haan Paige Convertible tote, and also search for the words "school" "law school" and "university" to find some other threads.
  10. how about something from the marc by marc jacobs totally turnlock line?

    the totally turnlock shopper:


    the totally turnlock teri:

    this line has very sturdy, soft, mushy leathers. i think those two will definitely fit your laptop, unless you have a huge monster of one.

    also, the anna corinna city tote might be a good option for you:
  11. Second the Anna Corinna City Tote.


    I alternate between this and the longchamps le pilage bag. Those Marc by marc jacobs bags are really cute^ as well, but I tried on the first one and I found it VERY heavy ...with textbooks it may be too much. The AC tote is very lightweight. You may also want to look into basic longchamp leather totes or maybe a gustto large parina?