Advice from Zippy Wallet Owners??

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  1. Okay gang - Need your input if you can help!

    I bought the mono zippy wallet and I love it - holds a ton, very organized.

    For those of you that have it, and use your debit card and checking account a lot, how do you keep track of your purchases so you have a running tally of what's in your checking account? When I had my porte tresor international (and it wasn't my favorite - but it's a nice wallet), I put my checkbook register on the bottom part - and deducted as I shopped and paid bills. With the zippy - there's not really any place to put it. It looks kind of silly just sitting inside there loose and then you have to pull the whole thing out to record an expenditure. It's like it just seems odd.

    Seems redundant to carry a check book extra just to have the register to record my spending and I hate to carry so many different things, but I want to touch base with the rest of you that have the zippy.

    I tried dong without the register completely, but so much goes in and out of my checking account (mostly with the debit card) - that I was afraid of over-drafting my account (I'm bad enough about recording things WITH the register, to try going completely without).

    What do the rest of you zippy owners do???

  2. i have the zippy organizer and i bought an epi checkbook cover that i was carrying in it for my checkbook and register. i thought it was stretching out my wallet though so now i carry it seperately. it looks great and is very neat. hth!
  3. umm..telephone/internet banking?! lol.
  4. Kind of an odd response - Of course I am aware of telephone and internet banking - I do think most people still try to keep track of what their deductions are as well though - Difficult to tell what is outstanding on the internet - only shows what has already gone through - as does telephone.
  5. I don't keep track other than checking my account online.
  6. I keep track online.
  7. Keep all the receipts in my mini pochette and check the online account each day before leaving.
  8. I keep track of everything online..
  9. do you carry an agenda? if so, maybe jot down purchases in there! we don't have an atm card or debit card b/c we're not good with writing that stuff down.
  10. I keep track of my debit card purchases online. They show up immediately. So, I write those in my register each morning (the prior days activity). However, checks written won't show up until they are presented for payment. So, maybe you can just keep a slip of paper in your wallet and jot the ck#, amount and who it was written to on that. HTH.
  11. I have the mono zippy wallet as well and love it! I do all my banking online though so I dont have the same problem of keeping track of my purchases manually.
  12. as far as keeping track of your debit spending, what we do is have a spread sheet of the checking account. so whatever goes out or into the checking account get updated as required. the balance get tally with the online banking frequently. I have never used the paper checks anymore and used the receipts from merchandise to tally in the spreadsheet. I dont know whether I have explained it very well, but my live is very easy as my husband keep track of our finance very well.