Advice from those that own small zipped bayswater

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  1. Hi,
    I am considering a zipped bayswater (small size) but i have some reservations about the belt/buckle at the front. It seems to hang down on all the pics I have seen whereas the new one is straight? I love the neat straight line and am not partial to the looseness of it - is this something that is inevitable? Or can it be remedied?
    Also this will be my first mulberry purchase!
  2. Mine has never been straight and none of the ones in the shop were, if that helps. I love the casual drop though! I would definitely recommend going into a shop if you can!
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  3. Thank you! I just assumed it was straight and then over time became slouchy. Thankfully there is a Mulberry dept in House of Frasers near me - just not had the chance to go in yet so will definitely pop in soon (once exams are over!).
    Is there anyone that has actually purchased one that is straight, or do they all come like slightly slouchy?
  4. I have just purchased a zipped mini. The belt/buckle strap is straight but i suppose it may loosen up if the bag is heavily stuffed on regular basis or if you attempt to tie it behind to make another style. The slouchy look is nice too.
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  5. Congrats on your new purchase! Please do share! Thanks for the info x
  6. Hi this is my mini zipped in red. It is orangey red. Bringing to work tomorrow
  7. It's so pretty! Congrats x
  8. Thanks dear hope you get yours soon
  9. I think the straps are designed to make a shallow v shape... but I like it!
  10. What's that wear and tear like?
  11. Lovely are you liking it ?
    I am currently torn between the mini zipped bayswater & the Mini Seaton!! There don't seem to be many reviews/ whats fit is bag type videos/blogs on these..
  12. Hi there! Indeed there isn't much reviews on it. It's a little heavy since it's full leather exterior and suede interior. Good size if you don't carry a lot of things. I havent been using it regularly. Let me take it out and take some pics of what it can fit these few days.