Advice from the seasoned, to stam or not to stam. . .?

  1. Hi Ladies, I have recently become obsessed with the stam. I even went so far as to make a bad eBay decision regarding the stam, but thats another thread. . .sigh. . .

    So here is my dilemma , I'm a tad intimidated by the stam's size. Sometimes when I see them on people/models/mannequins, they look GIGANTIC! Now I'm sort of considering the small stam or even the quilted mayfair. I really like the frame aspect of the stam/little stam. Has anyone felt torn like this. I like big bags, but don't want to look silly(I'm 5.7, 122lbs).:s Any opinions from those who tote the aforementioned bags? I don't own an MJ yet so when I finally decide it will be my first. Thanks!:heart:
  2. I am also in the same situation. I have recently become addicted to the Stam becuase of all the beautiful pictures everyone posted on the forum. I also like how the bag is framed, all the beautiful colours and the gold chain just adds a bit of glamour to it. I am 5'1, 110lbs and is a fan of big bags ... but I am not certain whether to get the regular stam of the kid. Can someone please post pictures of you holding a stam if you are around my or spaceyjacy's height, for reference? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  3. first off, i would like to say: i HEART the stam. i am attracted to "bling" and the gold chain definitely does it... the design is different from more common styles and catches the eye RIGHT away.

    i bought mine from eBay too, from a trusted TPFer so i guess i'm lucky in that way.

    in terms of size, it IS a little on the big side (i'm 5'4", 108lbs chinese, petite for north american and europe standards but probably the norm for asian taste) but i don't think it would be overwhelming on a 5'7" frame at all.

    the inside is actually not that huge, and the chain adds a LOT of weight so put that into consideration... also, i find that sometimes i hesitate to carry it out (i live in vancouver, canada) because it is a little TOO eye catching... and i'm 20 years old so i sometimes get some stares and glares...

    i think if u really like the stam and it fits your style, why not stray away from the crowd and try something special? the stam is really a hit or miss, some people LOVE it and some people just... don't.

    enjoy! :heart:

    edit: i'll try to take a snapshot of me holding my baby ASAP =)
  4. i find the stam bag is definately a love or hate bag. in my case, i fell head over heels with it and have an 05 taupe and a recently aquired 05 baby stam in black.

    honestly, i think the very first season is the very best. the nature of the leather is both beautifully textured as well as soft and slouchy, so the bag doesn't appear as big and bulky as the later variations of the bag.

    im 5'6" last time i measured, 23 years old and about 120-125 lbs...
    20060613_0063.jpg stam watermarked.jpg 20060613_0067.jpg
  5. i also thought that the stam was a bit too big at first but THEN i got it and i LOVEDDDDDDD IT. it's such a great fit i think~ even if it's a tad bit on the bigger side~ i love oversized bags & i think the stam is just beautiful. in fact, i got two~ haha patchwork & quilted! I LOVEEEE IT :heart:333
    i dont care if it's "in" or "not" .... i think as long as you love it, that's what matters. if you buy a bag just because of the trend, then thats a waste of money. buy it if you REALLY LOVE IT :heart:333
  6. & for me~ im the opposite of jun3machina~
    i loveee the newer season bags~ i dont like the slouchy squishy stam~ i LOVE how it's big & bulky and the shape really holds up well. hehe

    anyhow, jun3machina... GORGEOUS bag :heart: it suits you so well
  7. OOOooo, that stam looks great on you!:heart: Funny it looks very much in proportion. . .hhmmmm. . .:love:

    How does your experience with the baby stam compare? Do you tend toward one or the other in certain situations or times of year?

  8. thanks!!:p

    i just got my baby stam a few weeks ago, and really love it too. i enjoy the chain strap, as i cant often use my larger stam with the chain, as the kisslock pops open. the baby stam however doesn't fit kindly to larger long wallets, so i've been looking for a billfold wallet to use inside it. My stam is the ideal size for a bag. i can fit a magazine, wallet, cell phone, cosmetic bag, sketchbook, waterbottle in it. the baby stam fits my checkbook, some pens/lipgloss/cellphone, in it's great for shopping/concerts/or if i dont need a whole lot to lug around.

    i find the straps very comfortable to wear both on the arm and shoulder, same with the chain strap. I have gotten used to the weight of the bag, and compared to other Mj bags i've owned as well as chloe, it's not super heavy. i love the variations of ways you can wear the bag!!

    I cant really say one is better than another, but i use my stams more than i have any other bags i've owned and i've had the following: LV speedy 30, LV musette tango, YSL nadja large bag, YSL nadja small bag, LV papillion, MJ moss bowler in patent, MJ quilted multipocket, MJ quinne hobo, several m by Mj bags and a chloe edith
  9. June, you are so cute! I love the way the stam looks on you.

    I don't think the stam is huge at all and I'm 5'7." But then again, I do love larger bags. I think the kid would be a nice smaller version, but maybe too small for me.
  10. I think the stam may LOOK large when you see it on a table, but when you wear it it is not overwhelming IMO. If you want one go for it.
  11. thanks! those pics are soooo old...but they were already watermarked and i was feelin' lazy...:p

    i admit i had considered the kid as well, but i think it's basically the same size as the baby stam, just with rolled handles....:shrugs:
  12. I'm 5'5" (5'9" with heels) and I think the Stam works well. It's a matter of proportion, I guess. If you wear everything skin tight, the stam might look overwhelming.

    But even if it looks slightly on the large side, I think it's fine -- it's a statement bag, afterall. :yes:
  13. I love the stam - but for me it's too big. I'm 5'2 and the ultimate decision maker for me was I just don't carry that much stuff. I won't put a water bottle in a bag like that. I basically just carry my small wallet, LV small agenda, keys, lipgloss & a few other small items.

    I have the kid & the little stam. They both pretty much hold the same amount. I can get my ZC in there but not easily so I only use that with bigger bags or alone. I like the kid without the chain during the day & with it @ night or when I want to be dressier. The kid sits like the stam where my little stam doesn't really....I have to lay it down - it won't sit up, maybe after a lot of use it will?

    I say definitely get a stam - it's just a question of which size!
  14. coming from someone who's 5'10", i've tried on a few stams and they seemed like a great fit for me. but once again, i'm in the big bag fan club:tup: