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  1. hey all! i'm not new to tPF but i am new to hermes. ive decided id like to make my FIRST hermes purchase! - a JPG. however, since i think most would agree making an hermes purchase is a serious thing given the price tag, i thought maybe i could get you guys to give some input. id have to have this bag shipped to me as i dont live near a boutique... is the bag comfortable to wear on your shoulder? other than aesthetics, comfort is very important to me. would you say this is a good "first" purchase?
  2. Hi! Do a search for JPG and you'll find many threads about this very thing. I have heard that it can be bulky and it's very heavy but many ladies here LOVE their JPGs.
  3. Hi, for your first H bag, I would probably go with something more versatile. The JPG Birkin is a big bag and unless you are very tall, I wonder if you might be safer with one of the classics like a Bolide, Kelly or 30/35 Birkin.
  4. ^ agree. I see the JPg as more of something fun for someone who already has standard Birkins and Kellys and is wanting something different.
    let us know what you decide!
  5. I also agree with the girls. JPG is a BIG bag and very bulky. Its a very hard bag to pull off. Maybe you can make a sample bag out of paper and try it on for fit.
  6. Birkins, on the whole, are not always the most comfy bags to carry, IMO. The best for weight is Chevre leather or maybe box and the B30 is the easiest of all size and weight-wise. I let go of my Birkin 35 because it was just too big and heavy in Togo leather for me.
    I'd also try on a Kelly - my fave!
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes.:flowers:
    I am not an expert - I've only been Hermes owner for a few months - but, just like you, I fell in love with a JPG Birkin and it ended up being my first Hermes bag. I am not sure how tall you are but for me (5'8" over here), JPG is a pretty good size BUT not really that comfortable on the shoulder (I use it mostly as a handheld bag). It's a great bag but I wouldn't consider it an every day bag (unless you carry TONS with you and have VERY strong arms).
    For me, JPG makes a perfect carry on/travel bag. JMO.

    Here is a few pics with the bag on:



  8. Irene, you look like a model! I must say you modelled the bag so beautifully.
  9. ^^^ :shame: You are so kind! Thank you SO MUCH!:kiss::love::flowers:
  10. those pics are great irene! thank you all, for your input! aesthetically speaking, the jpg looks the best, in my opinion. something about the proportion, not sure. im 5'9", but i ALWAYS carry my bag on my shoulder. if the bag is too bulky, or uncomfortable around my shoulder (granted, im tall - but im tiny, 120lbs.), ill never want to wear it. i may have to think on this one for a while.
  11. You are very welcome.:smile:

    I have to add that if you wear the bag this way ---> BJ JPG Birkin.jpg - not really under your arm but behind - it's not as uncomfortable as when it is right under your arm (I hope I am making sense).
  12. At 5'9", you have a lot of options! If you always carry your bag on your shoulder, I'd opt for a Massai or Trim 35. Things like Kelly and Bolide are best hand-held, but with a shoulder strap OPTION. :smile:
  13. ^ ITA! With heels, I'm usually hovering in the 5'7-5'8 arena and both the JPG and Trim 35 look fine on me. And I'm have a slight figure as well.

    I've had both bags for couple of years now and use them quite regularly - as everyday bags.

    Personally I don't find my JPG to be heavy at all, whether it's worn on the shoulder or as a handheld. But that's just me.:shrugs:

    Since this is an expensive purchase, my suggestion would be to call around and see if any boutiques have them in stock. And then somehow manage to go there and try them on for size before purchasing it. Good luck!
  14. HA,
    GREAT modelling pics :dothewave:

    hubba hubba ;)
  15. I wear the bag as an everyday option. Having said that, I'm on the hunt for something lighter as well. It is a large bag, and I tend to put too much into it. Then it gets heavy, and the straps don't stay on as well.