Advice from parents with kids

  1. Ladies I need some advice. My dauter is turnin 21 next month and i wanna get her her first LV but i dont know which one to get for my baby girl. What would you get your dauter for her first LV??? :s:s:s
  2. What a sweet mom! It depends on her style, but you can't go wrong with a speedy 25. It is big enough to hold some items, but not too big. The multicolor eliza is nice and has the punch of color plus I think it can be carried on your shoulder.
  3. The speedy is a classic and would make a perfect first LV!
    Congrats to both you and your daughter!
  4. Awww, you're such a sweet Mom ... let's see, if she likes handheld bags, definitely a mono or damier speedy ... if she like shoulder bags then maybe a popincourt haut or batignolles horizontal:tup:
  5. Great idea and how exciting !.....I have a 17 year old daughter..who's likes coach & juicy bags...but she attends a prep school(she's a ice hockey player on scholarship)..and she see's plenty of monogram speedy's usually the 30's along with assorted other LV's..... also a lot of chanel's .. I'm sure whatever you choose she will love
  6. You are a great mom!!! Welcome to tPF btw! :welcome:

    My suggestions:

    -Batignolles Horizontal

    -Popincourt Haut

    -Speedy 30 (Damier)

    -Epi Passy PM

    -Epi Bowling Montaigne PM

    -Damier Alma

    -Damier Trevi PM
  7. I would say speedy mono 30 or 25!

    I will be soo nice when she's older and she's carrying that bag with gorgeous patina she can tell her own kids 'I got this one from my mom...":love:

    (I'm sorry I got a bit carried away...):girlsigh:
  8. you're such a sweet mom! i would say speedy 25/30 or batignolles horizontal/vertical...
  9. damier speedy 30 or trevi
  10. I'ld get her a damier speedy!!! It would last for a long time!!!
  11. Speedy! It's a must have!!!
  12. A Speedy 25 would be perfect. No girl's handbag collection is complete without it, and if she takes care of it, it will last a lifetime!
  13. Mono speedy 25 or 30
  14. ditto ^
  15. Speedy 25! Or Pochette, which would be really good for "going out" :tup:What a wonderful mother!