Advice from my expert friends on the LV forum needed!!!


Feb 6, 2009
I'm thinking of getting a new bag before Christmas but I'm having a difficult time thinking of what to get next. I have a croissant pm (not sure of the spelling), a Damier Ebene speedy 30, a Batignoles Horizontal, and a Galliera pm. I was thinking of getting something in Damier Ebene but I'm not sure...I want to stay at 1,300. Please any advice will help...thanks to all in advance!
How much do you love your Galliera PM? You could do a special order a damier ebene Galliera. It's $1590 ish with half being due at the time of order and the other half due when it's complete.
I know you are thinking about another bag, but have you thought about an SLG - like a wallet in Vernis? You have such a nice collection of bags, and a wallet could be used everyday!

I recently got a Sarah wallet in Pomme Vernis, and love seeing that pop of color in my Galliera PM - makes me smile!:yahoo:

Just an idea!