Advice from Gigi owners...she's hurt!!!

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  1. This is going to be hard to explain but I'll try. This issue I'm having is on the handles, it's the actual smaller pieces of leather where your hands are "supposed" to go. They are lifting and peeling! I'll be heartbroken if it can't be fixed! I'm taking it to my outlet this weekend to see what the SA's there think. I'm afraid if they replace it the next will just do the same! :confused1: I don't have the receipts or tags BUT they'll be able to tell from the condition of the rest of the bag that she's been VERY gently used for a VERY short period of time!

    If you own a Gigi and carry her quite often, is this happening to you as well? I wanted to be able to use her as my "everyday" bag through out the week days! I've only carried her for about 2 weeks!!! :tdown: This shouldn't be happening!!! :cursing: I'm willing to keep her and "live" with it IF that's my only option, but I feel that I should be given other options! I hate to loose her, but I also feel cheated as this is not a cheap bag even when purchased at the outlets! I would think that even $300 would buy you a good few months of wear & tear!!

    Can you tell at all what I'm talking about from the pic's?????

    HELP!!! :wtf:

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  2. the pics are a little blur... can you take some clearer ones? set your camera to macro (the flower symbol) and half-press your shutter button to focus before pressing down fully to take the picture. :yes:
  3. So sorry this is happening to your beloved Gigi!!!!
  4. I think you should take it in and see what they say. It's wearing too fast.
    None of my Gigis are doing that but I don't use them for two weeks in a row as I'm constantly switching out. I look at that leather edges of the handles on mine and I can tell that it could lift one day so I don't really touch it there if that makes any sense. I position my hand away from the edges when I grab.
    If it boiled down to me having to give up my gigi I wouldn't. I would glue the edges back down with elmer's glue.
  5. I found the tag so I hope that will help!

    Oops~ I understand what you're saying but I don't think I should have to actually WATCH where I place my hand..ya know? I don't even throw her over my shoulder much...she's almost ALWAYS carried by hand!

    Thanks for the info!!!
  6. Well, you shouldn't have to watch where you put your hand, you're right. That's a bit crazy. I throw mine on my shoulder a lot. For some reason mine aren't lifting. Maybe your bag has thinner leather there? I had the clay gigi and it had thinner leather all over compared to my other colors so I got rid of it.
  7. Aww i am really sorry to hear about your Gigi! I would also definitely bring it to the outlet to see what the SAs say. But I agree with Oops, if it came down to it, I would also rather glue the that part back down and keep my Gigi!
  8. I'm sorry this is happening...what a major bummer :tdown: Take it in and see what they say.
    But I agree with Oops, I'd rather piece my Gigi together with Elmer's glue, and might I add paper clips and rubber bands, before I'd give her up...:nogood:
  9. I just don't know...I hate the fact that my *HG* seems to be failing me!!! I don't think I'd feel this way if she wasen't a bag I've been stalking and dreaming of for a year! I have NEVER had a problem with ANY Coach bag I've ever owned...I just feel like she dosen't want to be with me...or that I'm in the wrong for carrying her too much! I guess I'll wait and see what the SA's say.

    If this was happening to another bag (other than Lindsay) I wouldn't be sooo upset! I feel like my *HG* is "letting me down." KWIM?

    Thanks for all your support! I'll let you know what's said at the outlet on Saturday! It just makes me wonder if I want a bag like this if I should go to another brand?! My Leigh is too small, I don't want to abuse Lindsay with everyday use and the signature bags are just not my style for everyday use!

    Maybe if I'm going to have a "go to" bag I'll have to go with a black on black signature tote of somekind? UGH!!!
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    this is a wild guess from what i can see from your pics, but i would take it to a cobbler-type of craftsperson and just get it stitched down.

    position of stitches in blue.

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  11. That's what exactly what happened to my Black Gigi. The sealant is peeling and a small thread is coming undone. I was thinking of bringing it to the store or sending it for repair. My DH told me that the rivets are there to protect it and he know that if I send it they won't replace or repair it. I'm keeping mine for now. I've been using it mainly for work and love love this bag. The leather is just so gorgeous. I paid almost $250 on mind. $300 is not that big difference to mine. If I'm you I'd keep it because it's my HG bag. Unless you find another Gigi at the outlet.
  12. I'm so sorry this is happening to your HG BAG!! Nothing has happened to my Teal Gigi yet, but I only used her for about a week then rotated... It's kinda snowy here some I'm keeping my legacy bags in for now. Let us know what you decide!
  13. The rolling up of the leather past the brads is something I've seen on the Hamptons Weekend Bag I had that was a baby one. You carry it to much with the handles and the edges tend to peel back (this was leather handles on the woven nylon straps) so I don't know that this is limited to your bag only. Is it the sealant that is coming off the edges, or is the leather no longer staying flat against the handle?
  14. Crazy glue gel for leather works great for keeping leather in place. If it's the leather that is rolling up, I might consider gluing it instead of sending it to Coach's "reliable" repair service or getting it stitched down.
  15. Bunny~ It's actually the leather "rolling" up! The sealent seems to be intact thus far. Now that I'm looking at is closely I see that on the handle that's not doing it AS bad..there is a stitch coming out! UGH!

    This is ALL making me feel like this bag is just going to fall apart! I had plans for this bag to wear like "iron" so to speak! I'll keep you posted! I see what you are all saying about the glue etc...but I certainly DO NOT want glue getting all over the handles of this bag! Next thing you know it'll look like I bought a cheapie "knock off" and it's falling apart!!!