Advice from fellow Canadian needed...

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  1. Hi,

    I've $140 to spend in Holt Renfrew and I don't know what I should get. I'm not even sure what I'd be able to find for that amount there. I'd rather not go over that amount:sweatdrop:. Any suggestions would be appreciated:smile:. Thanks in advance for your help:flowers:
  2. Why don't you go into the store and browse around to see what you can find. Maybe a small wallet, scarf, etc. I'm sure you will find something. Hey, I'm from Montreal too.
  3. Maybe some high end makeup or Jo Malone perfume.
    Or keep it until boxing day when the sales are on.
    The Holts in Montreal must be a nice one.
  4. hi:smile: nice to see a fellow montrealean....
  5. I agree with Shyloo..some makeup would be great! HR carries all the good stuff.
  6. i don't really wear make up/use parfume. would i be able to get perhaps a small accessory?
  7. Holts always has small reasonably priced gift ideas for the Christmas season. Their seasonal catalogue should be coming any day now but if it doesn't, these items are always placed on the first floor near the cosmetics. It's usually jewellery and gift boxed cosmetics, as well as key chains, scarves and gloves.
  8. How about makeup or parfum? Do you have 140 CDN or USD? I miss Holts...
  9. sorry, i meant C$140
  10. thanks for everyone's suggestions...went to holt's this morning and got a little burberry headband (& it was just a little over $100 incl. taxes):smile:
  11. Good choice, timeless classic!

    I miss Holt's too...
  12. Good choice!!
  13. A Burberry headband is a great choice. Congrats!
  14. great choice! pics maybe? :graucho:
    I just cant wait for the prices to go down according to our stronger dollar... now it wont feel like im paying WAAAAY over for not that great stuff!
  15. here're some pictures of the new headband on its own and with my other burberry headbands. it's the smaller black one (it has hints of gold):smile:. i originally thought about getting the wide, quilted one, but the SA told me that it's not, i went with this one.

    i bought my other headbands 2yrs ago from the Burberry store in Bond St. London(UK) and i got little dustbags for each headband, but not with the one i got from holt renfrew today:shrugs:.

    thanks again for everyone's advice and comments:heart:
    headband.jpg headband1.jpg