Advice From Any Tpfer With a Distressed Leather Bag

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  1. Hello Ladies, I am looking for help and advice on distressed leather for a Chanel bag. I am considering a medium flap bag in distressed leather with gunmetal hardware. I am curious as to what you all think of this style and how you think it looks. Should I go ahead and get it or stick with the traditional look of the flap bag? Do you think this style looks too casual to be a Chanel bag or is it more chic and modern? Help!! :confused1:
  2. Hello Bri. I love the distressed look. I just got one in white patent(226):yahoo: I just love the way it looks. :love: It looks great with a pair of jeans and a top. Also looks super with a skirt & a sweater. I think this is possible because the gunmetal doesn't shine that much. So it may look casual when need be,it can also still look elegant with your dressier clothes. I think it's more modern,rather than classic Chanel.
  3. Thanks for that advice. I am just really stuck between getting a 2.55 distressed leather or the more traditional looking leather. I like how the distressed looks modern but am concerned it may be too casual and not enough of a "Chanel" look. Do you think the distressed leather bags still have that Chanel charm?
  4. I have the 2.55 with black distressed calfskin and gunmetal hardware. I absolutely love the bag and I use it often as it can go from day to night easily.

    I wouldn't use it for blacktie or formal events though.
  5. I love the distressed leather look over the traditional look especially in the patent leather, IMO it makes the bag more hardwearing and you don't have to worry about scratches as much.
  6. I have the distressed leather with gold hardware and MM lock-- I wear it with little black dress for cocktail parties + I dress it down and wear it with dress jeans.
  7. Yes. I think so. With this particular bag I think you will be fine. You will :heart: it!!!
  8. Here is Coco herself with an original 2.55 in distressed calfskin. I don't think the distressed leather makes the bag too modern, and it's not too casual as you can see Coco is wearing it with one of her iconic suits.
  9. Here is Jane Fonda with a black classic flap:


  10. Bri, i have the grey 2.55 anniversary reissue and let me tell you it is not too casual at all! The beauty of it is that it CAN be casual and CAN be dressy. It all depends what you wear it with :okay:
  11. Thanks ladies. :heart: I'm feeling the tfp love :heart: You have all put my mind at ease with the distressed leather. Now my next question is does it look better with silver or the "gunmetal" hardware. The silver type is more shiny where the gunmetal is a dark gray look. Do any of you have one of those types of bags? If so, how do you like it?
  12. wow coco looks really fierce here :P
    love her! she's one of a lady :yes:
  13. I have a distressed black with mm lock and gunmetal chain and I love it! I think it would look fab with the shiny metal too.

    Here's mine
  14. So what does everyone think of the gunmetal hardware??? Or is the silver hardware with the distressed leather nicer? :graucho: