Advice for White Edith Please

  1. I just received my double pocket white edith satchel and I absolutely love her!!! Should I spray something on her before use? Has anyone had any experience with a white edith, and what is your advice?
  2. no clue, but congrats on the edith!
  3. I have a white Edith, and I just started using it without having to treat it first. I've used it in the sun, in the rain, on cloudy days... casually, and while dressed up. The leather is so great that i think it will just wipe clean. I've used it often, but it has yet to show any dirt.
  4. I don't have an Edith, but I do have a Chloe Patsy tote in Blanc. Since it's a very soft lambskin, I decided to go ahead and use Apple Care Conditioner and the Rain and Stain repellant on my Patsy, as well as all my Chloes and other bags. All my bags have turned out softer and without color change. I live in PA where the indoor air can be dry in winter so I don't want the leather to crack from lack of humidity. Since I have kids, pets and accidents do happen, I'd rather be safe than sorry!