Advice For Where to Start

  1. OK...I hd all these good intentions to start doing something about my weight at the beginning of the school year...well lo and behold it never happened.

    It is so hard....I'm married and go to school full time. I come home and cook/do homework, etc. Then I like to relax with hubby.
    Hubby is overweight, diabetic and a smoker. He does nothing about any of these things. He is his own person and I can only nag so many times....I try though!

    So I need to know where to start....I quit smoking about 8 months ago, and switched from regular Coke to diet Coke almost a year ago (thought it would help me lose weight...but nope...I've gained about 10 lbs this year alone).

    When I look in the mirror I am quite disgusted with how I look. Flabby fat thighs, disgusting stomach that is not toned and is starting to get a muffin top because pants are getting tighter, and fat upper arms. Shoot...even my ankles are turning into cankles.

    I am 5'5 and weigh around 150 right now. Currently fitting into a size 8 (on average...sometimes a 6 depending on the outfit) in pants & tops, a M or L in tops, a size 29-31 in jeans.

    I do remember that on my frame being around 118 lbs is near anorexic looking, and when I was around 125 (about 5 years ago) people always commented on how good I looked. So I think getting back down to 125-130 is ideal. I would like to look toned. When I was 118 lbs I was a size 0-2 (if that is any indication of my frame) and being around 125 puts me down to a comfortable 4-6. I'd like to avoid the whole 'buying a new wardrobe' thing too! And I think I can for awhile anyways since the weight will come off slow and most of my clothes are starting to get tight on me anyways!

    I have free access to several NCAA Division I sports facilities (I go to a very big sports university) that are about a 10 minute walk from my office. In addition, across the street from my office are 2 lakes with walking trails (apparently a 1 mile walk if you do the figure 8 around the lakes). I live in a very safe neighborhood consisting of 4 subdivisions all right next to each other.
    Generally, early mornings are not the best for me. I have an aversion to showering at the gym and school is 15 minute drive (each way) I have dog duty in the mornings, etc.
    During the day I have free times throughout the day....but again, this aversion to showering in the gym (and not wanting to wash hair/makeup and reapply again during the day...kind of a hassle).
    My end of the day is typically 3-4 PM and I like being home by 5-5:30 to get dinner going.

    I am not knowledgeable about the proper way to organize a fitness routine (although I have gotten suggestions here in the past).
    I am also starting to try to eat a little healthier but any tips would be great (I mainly reply on low fat yogurt, diet coke, granola bar, lean cuisine, crackers, cookies, potato chips, pork/chicken/hamburger/steak, mashed potatos/cheesy rice mixes, veggies (usually frozen ones). I like fruits like strawberries & pineapple.

    I just basically feel like crap.....and I need to turn it around. When I quit smoking I was so proud because I stopped wheezing and coughing....and every day is a struggle to stay if I have the willpower to quit the worst addiction...why can't I do this.

    I will also admit...DH doesn't work out at all and is very overweight/unhealth sometimes I feel self-conscious that I want to change the way I look. Like, I think he might like me with the be-donka-donk butt (his insecurities or something).

    Sorry for the book! Any help is appreciated! Any books/magazines would be great too!
  2. personally i would try something like weight watchers to get started on the weight loss. imo everyone knows HOW to lose weight- it's just finding the motivation and regimentation to make it happen.

    i know the last time i lost weight i did weight watchers and lost about 45 lbs. i didn't go to meetings (too much talking about food) and just joined online. i loved it! i also started working out every day. this time i'm doing jenny craig (lost 12 lbs in a month so far) and trying to work out every day. i'm not doing 100% on the workout but i'm close.

    be realistic- do you need a plan on what to eat to make you eat better? what are your eating habits now? do you eat out a lot? can you eat different things than your husband? would he be in to say joining jenny craig or weight watchers with you?

    in terms of working out- i think you're doing well walking the dogs in the morning. can you start waking up earlier and taking them for longer walks in the neighborhood? i would increase the time you're walking with them and maybe add ankle or hand weights or even a weighted vest to help make the walk work more for you.

    when i was working out i did (really stupid) tapes in my house. i would start even without shoes or a sports bra because i didn't want to waste time or make excuses for myself. i started with maybe 15-20 min a morning. then would gradually start getting up 10 min earlier every week until i had up to an hour to work out. the thing with me is i needed to make it a habit first- they say it takes 2 weeks to make something a habit. i can pm you the silly tapes i used. they're very easy and motivating and can be used in units. from that i got used to working out and then started the firm- which is much harder- step aerobics and weight training. i would alternate that with elliptical or treadmill cardio workouts. i was in the best shape of my life.

    i think it also helps to have a buddy or a forum to post on to talk about what you're doing and challenge you. i know i personally work best if i have someone to keep me in check, kwim?

    hope this helps! i've been on my current diet for about 5 weeks and i swear i feel so much better. i have so much more energy it's amazing! good luck twiggers!
  3. twiggers, diet is about 90% of it.
    I know because my diet SUCKS and I exercise a lot. I exercise w/ trainers and they're so discouraged because I go see them and let them whip my a$$ then I eat whatever I want.
    Also, by changing your diet you'll just completely FEEL different, you'll feel lighter and have a ton more energy and motivation.
    If you could control your diet you'd see improvement almost immediately. Add to that some moderate exercise just to get you started and you'd see incredible results very quickly.

    There's a book called You on a Diet by Dr. Oz, Oprah's favorite Doc and it really breaks it down for you, describes exactly what happens inside when you eat certain things, it's really fascinating!

    If you were ready for a real exercise program and knew for sure you could stick to it, there's all kinds of advice, but if you feel like you need soemthing very realistic, diet is the way to go or at least get started.
  4. I would start by stopping the diet soda all together and drinking only water. You won't believe what this will do to your metabolism and energy level. Black coffee and green tea (no sugar) are okay if you drink 1-2 cups per day. I will have a diet coke if we are eating pizza, but I only have it as a treat.

    I exercise in a formal atmosphere (ymca) 4x a week, but, I can get a workout in anywhere. My kids and I run around our cul-de-sac lap after lap until everyone is exhausted. I also do squats in my house and will run up and down stairs for a bit of cardio. I sneak it in throughout the day. My mind runs better when I exercise.
  5. I think the best thing you've done is to quit smoking. Your heart and lungs will be able to withstand exercise much better so CONGRATULATIONS!

    Weight Watchers might be helpful. They have an on-line version of the program if you don't want to participate in meetings.

    I've recently bought the Calorie King food journal and also the companion book that lists food by calories. There's also lots of helpful tips in them too. These books suggest the appropriate amount of calories to eat per day for weight loss and how much exercise to do. It's remarkable how many calories I ate without even realizing it. Now I'm super careful b/c I account for all of them. You can order these from

    They're super cheap. Probably less than $10 for both of them.

    Good luck!
  6. twiggers, do you keep healthy food in the house?
    Stuff you can snack on so as not to be tempted?
  7. diet is huge, but not all of it. you can diet and not work out and see results, but you cannot go to the gym and work out and not watch your diet. you will literally be going nowhere. look at it this way: you will see better results faster by working in SOME sort of extra exercise than just dieting...but if you do not stick to your diet, it's not going to help. also, if you're doing both you'll really feel you're attacking the situation from all sides. i know that i cannot be serious about working out at the gym unless i know i am eating well too, and putting everything i can into it. starting tomorrow i am back on my strict diet and workouts. but i will lose my motivation if i am not doing both to the best of my ability. once you start seeing results, give it about 2-3 weeks, you will notice you feel better and it will get easier because you'll feel you have accomplished something. this is quite drastic for some people, but i'm cutting out all the crap tomorrow, cold turkey. i have been very serious about my physique in the past so i know what i am doing, what i should eat and what i know i can't have. but the cookies and chips...gone tomorrow. chocolate? i'm allowed one small dark chocolate miniature a day. and i will probably cut that out of my diet too until i feel i need something sweet. dark chocolate is best for you as long as it is consumed in small amounts. i allow myself 2 diet cokes a day (i am an ADDICT) but the rest is all water, crystal light, diet green and white peach tea (5 cal). egg whites, broccoli, all cheese is reduced fat. VEGETABLES! a LOT! natural nuts, like almonds. look for low sodium things at the store. i stay away from lean cuisines because the sodium content is through the roof. i will tell you i eat a special kind of pasta, made from semolina (which is made from wheat, sorta like how splenda is made from sugar) that is better for the body to digest then regular pasta. i can eat whole wheat pasta depending on the brand. i eat A LOT of pasta because of the amount i run at the gym...i need the energy the carbs give me. but i burn it all off because of all that activity. keep things like that in mind. if you're going to eat carbs, eat them in the morning. eggs are tastey and also an excellent source of protein.

    eat as many whole grains as you can. any bread should be whole wheat. fruit is good, but eat it raw and do not add sugar. bananas are awesome, high in potassium. just try and eat as cleanly as you can. it may sound drab by what i am explaining...but cooking your own food is key to eating well. i know some people just don't cook, but really, it helps. looking for yummy, tasty but healthy recipes can be quite fun. if something looks good i look at all the ingredients. if i see something that i shake my head at (whether it's large salt content or sugar, cream, whatever it may be) i decide if it can be substituted with something else. if not, i move on to the next recipe. you can find these by looking on sites like, just googling healthy recipes.

    you mentioned trails and things that you could walk...seriously. try to include as much exercise as you can. use the stairs vs. the elevator as much as you can. if you work in a tall building, walk up a couple flights if there's too many floors and then push the elevator button after you walked 3 or 4 flights. or even more. the more activity you add into your daily routine, the better.

    i've been working out for the past 6 years and got into the competitive mode a couple years ago. i've taught myself a lot about how to motivate myself and how to eat well. if you have any questions, seriously, don't hesitate to ask :smile: GOOD LUCK!
  8. Thank you everyone! Alot of this is motivation.....and just the lack of it because DH wouldn't go along with me. I could probably cook the healthier meals and he'd eat them (moan about it, but would eat it) and then eat crap later on.
    I am generally pretty good about eating during the day...but once I get home it all goes downhill. Too many crappy snack foods in the house.....cheescakes, cookies, crackers, chocolate bars, chips and more. These are not foods I buy, but foods DH buys and eats (and shouldn't). So when I'm really craving some sugar it's really easy to reach in there and find something fattening.

    I really like easy foods though....I just don't have the time in the morning to do a lot of prep for a lunch (maybe 5 minutes max). Dinner time I can do more prep.....I've been trying to reduce the pork lately and have been trying different seasoned chicken breasts!

    I will definetly look at that book Swanky! I want to eat healthier...I really do! I'm tired of feeling like a fat bloated person! I want more energy (shoot I'm 30 and am asleep by 10 PM and get 9 hours of sleep every night...I should be functioning on less)!

    Can diet alone really work that well?
  9. yes, diet can work MIRACLES!
    Obviously we all know if you add exercise to it you'll really see a difference, but not everyone can commit to exercise.
    Buy some of those packaged snacks w/ single servings, like the little bite size rice cakes drizzled in chocolate and stuff like that.
    Keep a jar of almonds in your refrigerator and eat a small handful in the morning and in the afternoon.
    Do you drink enough water?
    I need baby steps, EASY ones, so I choose a food I eat to often that is not helping get where I need to be and I substitiute that one food.
    Another thing I screw up on is not having protein in the morning, it really helps if you can eat a little in the morning - scrambled egg whites or soemthing like that.
  10. naomi~ What everyone else has said is DEAD ON!

    Get motivated...walk a little every other day. Just make sure you move!
    Diet..yes you have to change it. My DH and I started after our first child. I would buy lower calorie food, not so much I NEEDED to loose 40 post pregnancy lbs.
    From then on..we made a lifestyle change into better foods.
    Do we still struggle..yes at times. He is a fluctuator with weight (about 20 lbs). This is mostly due to the fact that he does not eat at home often and CHOOSES to eat unhealthy food on his job.

    Me..I have to work-out to stay fit. HAVE TO. I am almost 33 (next month) and time is not on my side anymore. I was a size 2 in college. 115 lbs 5'4. Now I am okay with 120 lbs size 2-4. I am not at this weight yet~ I still have 10 lbs of post-baby weight to get off.

    I have lost over 34 lbs in 6 weeks due to: Walking and calorie counting ONLY. I had a c-section and was not allowed to actually work-out. If I can do this in a short period of time just by walking and calorie counting, so can YOU!

    You need to look up a daily caloric intake on the internet and enter your height/weight. It will tell you what amount of calories you should be consuming every day.

    I looked it up for you based on what you provided in your 1st post.: you normally are allowed to have:
    1929 Calories/day to maintain your weight: I based this on that you will work out 3x a week.
    Fat Loss: 1543 Calories/day
    Extreme Fat Loss:
    1200 Calories/day

    I did extreme fat loss calorie counting to get 90% of my baby weight off. I am continuing at my recommended calorie intake for extreme weight loss. Mine is 1000 calories a day. I cheat on some days you ask? Yes...I do. Not much but some. I still have chocolate and I have a TON of low calorie snack packs.
    Weight watchers has a wonderful icecream...MMMM...good! I do work-out 4-5 times a week. Now...I am getting ready for knee surgery on the 28th..will slow me down, but I will continue to watch what I eat to maintain until I can work-out again.
    You can do it!!!

    [​IMG] Go Naomi GO!!!
  11. heyyyyyy.

    I'm so in the same boat. Started school and gained 7-10 lbs since Sept- WTH!

    Ok- so- been on the treadmill since Sunday- with a break yesterday and Monday. 90 minutes walking 3 mph. even this was kinda hard b/c of the wt I've gained and I'm heavy to begin with.

    My motivation- is that I am only wearing stupid fleece pants now and not wearing my jeans b/c of the 'muffin' syndrome. yuck- and it's grody.

    I also saw that MLOWRAN (sup M) has been on the wt loss path and that's another motivation factor. + I'm turning 29! I should be in primetime right now... but I feel so sluggish...

    anyways- my mom has been eating lean cuisine's also for a couple weeks now- her wt loss clinic in Anchorage has 'prescribed' this for her. I've been doing the same as well.

    it's quite amazing - the new frozen food that's available is pretty good actually! I'm staying around the 200-300 calorie level packages. I drink tons of water now- 100+ oz per day.

    I'm not concerned with calories just porportions. But- I've done away with sugar. alllll sugar. well- there is sugar in everthing seems like and I've done away with probably 90-95% of it. It's impossible to do NO sugar- your brain needs it- literally.

    so, what's gonna happen this weekend? while PHH is away at work until next month? and DS is only 6 and doesn't need this junk anyways- is that my pantry is getting wiped out. I opened it so many times- every time I open it I can SMELL carbs- lol!

    good riddence.

    ......more to follow.
  12. All I can say is that motivation needs to be sustained. I posted a picture of me when I weighed a lot less right by the fridge door.

    my weight ticker is motivation also.

    but the biggest kicker for me- the two sizes too small Old Navy pants sitting on my dresser. A reminder every morning when I turn off my alarm clock (I place it so far away that I have to GET UP to turn it off)

    I'm really wanting this to last a lifetime. Getting started is ruff though- the sweets will be rewards- postive reinforcements.

    positve reinforcements..... support systems.... motivation.... challenge.... endurance... breakthroughs.....

    Good luck Naomi- I'm here for ya- :flowers:
  13. Thanks everyone!!! I really appreciate it!

    Swanky: The substituting one food at a time is really the way I have to go.

    I think for daytime I am pretty low calorie (maybe a total of 600 - 800 throughout the day coming from low fat yogurt, granola bars, and lean cuisine)...but it's the nighttime. The big dinner, the snacks...UGH

    I tried the mini rice cakes.....the caramel ones were really good (the cheesy ones were awful).....I'm thinking that these might be a good replacement to the crackers & chips I was eating.

    Oh's so bleh tasting LOL. I could do Crystal Light, but that again has the artificial sweeteners that apparently lower metabolism.
  14. I'm overweight (it's all relative--I'd love to weigh 150, but I get waht you;re saying) so I won't offer advice. I know what to do, I just don't do it.

    Just want to say :dothewave::woohoo::tup::yahoo:for quitting smoking. It's the hardest addiction to stop. Yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. If you hate regular water, you could try cutting up some lemon slices and putting them in a jug of water. It tastes much better and helps the metabolism a teeny bit. Also, protein shakes may help fill you up and replace the (empty) calories you may normally fill with carbs. Many protein shakes are quite tasty now. I have one by BioX that is made with an all-natural sweetener called stevia, which is a plant and doesn't raise blood-sugar levels, plus it's not unhealthy like aspartame/sucralose/acesulfame K. I mix it up with a banana, 1% milk and fro-yo.