Advice For Wallet


Aug 14, 2006
need some opinion for wallet
im more into the longer style like the zip pocket one

but im not quite sure which pattern would be better the monogram or the damier ??? i really like the MC wallets too but im scared that the patterns might fade or get dirty
or any other suggestions for wallets??
I like the one you pictured, i'm considering it too. I wouldn't dare to go for multicolor either but it's cute. You can get a MC cles, agenda or an bandeau even. The Mono and Damier will hopd up pretty good i think
If you good at taking care of ur stuff, then get what u like. I have variety of LV including MC and Vernis, its been a few years and they are doing fine. Even the monogram or damier pattern will fade if you handle it roughly in daily basis. For example, my friend has this damier tote bag and i have the papillon. We got it almost the same time in 2002. At this point, her bag strap can stain her white top for some reasons and my bag is perfectly fine. We both use it often. The use of lotion on ur hand, any oil stuff, how do u leave the bag under the sun will have effects on ur bag long lasting status.
I have the same wallet as you pictured.
It's really great...roomy...and not too big.
But, the MC is very gorgeous as well.
As Michelle said, it wouldnt get can clean it easily if it would :smile:
If you extremely concern on the fade or dirty of MC, I say GO for MONO!!!