Advice for Upcoming Coach Interview, Anyone ?

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  1. I was offered an interview for a new Coach location and I was wondering if any current or previous employees could offer me some advice.

    Any advice or information concerning what I should wear to the interview, what types of questions will be asked and any other things that I should know would be absolutely wonderful!

    Thank-you so much, and I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to ask such a question.
  2. casual office wear, a white button up shirt, slacks and closed toe black shoes would be nice. you don't need to have a coach bag (lots of interviewees i've seen in the past, myself included, that have been hired did not carry one) but it wouldn't hurt either.

    i didn't really have a one on one interview, just a group interview with different scenarios and was asked how i would handle it. just be friendly, assertive and outgoing with a smile; have open availability (or at least friday, saturday and sunday as those are the most important days) and be friendly with the manager. if the manager likes you you're pretty much hired imo
  3. I heard that you should take your favorite Coach bag. I'm not sure if they still do it but they might try to make you sale your bag like you would to a customer. Other than that congrats!!!
  4. ITA - Do let them know how much you would love working for Coach - without making it look like you're there for the discount only.

    I would definitely wear my favourite girl.
  5. wear coach they like it when you wear their product know about the product and make sure you are proffessional and wear a white button up shirt and black dress pants be confident and be able to handle your own also tanned silk is right about open availability fri sat n sunday are a must and be on time coach has a strict time and attendance policy never ever be late for anything
  6. Thanks so much for your contributions !

    I just have another question about bringing a bag with me... I currently only own coach wristlets and haven't actually invested in a bag yet, would a wristlet be appropriate to bring to the interview or is that too obvious ?
  7. Congrats!!! You will be fine. Just be yourself.. Good luck.
  8. Wear whatever you have. If you like the wristlet then go for it...
  9. Wristlet is fine...
    Don't wear jewelry or attire that isn't supported for the position (no more than xx earrings, limit the rings/bracelets, etc), simple makeup, make sure your nails are either bare or red (I think I read that in the application package).
  10. Along with dressing properly, demonstrate your knowledge of the product, and your commitment to delivering excellent customer service. If you don't have a Coach bag and don't want to bring a wristlet (which I think is fine by the way), DON'T bring a bag from another comparable designer (Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, etc.). Make any non-Coach bag you bring classic non-designer.
  11. what bag you bring really isn't a big issue, trust me! as someone whose seen gucci, vuitton, and dior..

    best thing to sell is yourself.
  12. good luck. smile and relax. even though u want this job are a beautiful, smart woman. Now go show them that.