advice for travel/beach bag


Mar 24, 2006
Hi I'm new here!!! I am a Kate Spade collector but am looking to branch out. :smile: I'm heading for Puerto Rico in a few weeks and would like advice on recommended travel bags (carry on) and beach bags. I was looking at the Coach bubble bag, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be apreciated.
Wow - thanks for the quick replies! I love the Marc Jacobs bag! Also the LL Beans. I am in Canada so my options are limited. I usually resort to ebay.
I prefer a bag with shoulder straps for the beach. For the carry on on the train, it doesn't really matter. Price is irrelevant.
Also, I have some Kate bags to sell. Where do I post them? Thanks again!
I love em, they're gorgeous, but pricey:

May I present to you, the Hermes striped beach bag!



Bags are $530 each at (last bag is pictured as set with towel & pareo for $995)

But why stop there? Hermes also offers a variety of other big (3 x 5 feet) towels online for $430 each:

Ahh.......excess is fun
I love the LL Bean tote bag because it's nice and pretty don't have to be obsessing over whether or not it'll get dirty at the beach...i would not want to bring a bag over $100 to the beach. I would be so bummed if something were to happen.
Have you ever looked at Longchamp bags ? They are really sturdy, and you can get some big ones for travelling, I'm thinking of picking one up for my trip too !
I got a Furla Farrah for travel to Florida...I don't plan to take it to the beach, but I think it will be perfect for the plane and transportation. It is very comfortable as a shoulder bag, and quite roomy without looking huge on.


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