advice for THICK hair?

  1. I have a lot of THICK asian hair, and when I was younger, hairdressers would call the people around to feel how thick my hair was and it's still really thick. I don't want tons of layers so I never ask for them to thin it out but curling my hair is such a pain! Not only does it take forever, but it makes my hair huge since there is so much of it. Does anyone have any advice for how I can curl it faster and get it to stay? Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't have thick asian hair. But i do have very very thick hair. Hairdressers do the same thing to me. (it's kind of annoying most of all when they act like they are the first person who has told me this.) I for the longest time didn't want layers. Then I had someone who didn't know how to do color very well give me a chemical haircut. When I got my extensions (to make me look semi-normal) I had to have a layered hair cut. to make the extensions blend in... after I took the extensions out my hair is super layered. For the first time in my life it is easy to work with. It behaves better then when I had no layers at all. That being said if your still Dead against layers. Curling thick hair just takes awhile... Unfortunately. The upside is when other ladies hair starts to thin as they age we will always have a beautiful head of hair.... To make it stay better you could use hot rollers instead of a curling iron. Then apply your make up or do other things while they cool down? It won't save you much time... but may streamline your routine... and save your arms from being so sore... But if your hair is anything like mine you will need two sets of hot rollers. Spray each piece for hot rollers or curling iron lightly with hair spray before you curl it... I was so bummed when I had to layer it but looking back i cannot believe I didn't do it sooner.
  3. ^ great advice.

    I also get my hair thinned from underneath. It sounds really scary, but instead of putting the layers on the top and outer part of my hair, my stylist thins it from underneath (the layers closest to my scalp) and then leaves the long untouched part on the outside! I know, it sounds like I have this terrible undercut, but really, it's just a layered haircut reversed.

    It's made my hair heaps thinner (but there's still PLENTY of it)... and I think it's made the size of my head decrease by a couple of centimetres LOL
  4. i have thick asian hair too and find that if i first spray a curl enhancer (i use binge give it a swirl curl enhancer) and leave it on for about 30 minutes before you curl your hair with a curling iron, it really helps the curls stay in place much longer. hope that helps
  5. I have really thick hair also and I think a lot of how well your hair curls depends on the quality of the curling iron. Everyone is always talking about good quality straighteners making all the difference and no one pays attention to the curling iron. I don't know what you have tried but maybe when you curl it next time, hold the curling iron up and down then bring out the iron and hold the curl in your hand for it to cool. Since thick hair is so heavy, the weight of your hair along with it being so pliable when it is hot brings the curl out fast but if you let it cool down it has a better chance of staying curled.
  6. I'd thin out the hair from the inside. I just had that done today, my hair is super thick and it is very annoying, because it is also a bit wavy (thanks dad!). They basically cut the inside layers so that the outter layers are easier to deal with. I've always hated how much hair i had...2 months without a haircut always leaves my hair looking really nappy.
  7. My hair isn't as thick as yours probably, but it is on the thicker side. (Thankfully I am blessed with super soft, shiny hair despite the thickness) I suggest using a curl activator spray. Try the Pumped up Curl Boosting spray by LaCoupe or luscious curls by Fekkai if you have a bigger budget. Curl your hair, then roll them up in big rollers as soon as the curl isn't hot. (So wait a few seconds after the curl is released from the iron) Do your makeup, get dressed, etc. before you take them out. Spritz some hairspray and it should stay!
  8. I agree with Azhangie and I_wona about getting it "thinned out." IDK why, but it seems like Japanese salons are especially good at this. But they can make it look like you have less hair without all the layers. My mom has it done, but she wears her hair in a normal bob with side swept bangs (not an Edgy Posh bob, just a cute mom bob) and it looks great....
  9. Thanks for all the great advice so soon! I think I might just end up getting my hair thinned out like you guys have said, hopefully it won't turn out weird :/ I just don't wanna look like all of the girls with super crazy layers [it looks really cute on them but I don't think I could pull it off]. Maybe I'll even post pictures in the future if I do get those layers! Thanks again! :]
  10. Good luck!
  11. I have super thick Asian hair, too. I tried out a new stylist last weekend and as she was cutting she just kept muttering "so much hair!" over and over again. Heh heh. I love lots of layers, so she cut a TON into my hair and now it feels so much lighter.

    For curls I really like John Frieda/Frizz-Ease Dream Curls spray. If I want waves I can just spray that stuff in and air dry.
  12. dont thin your hair! the stylist will use shears and that will lead to super thick and frizzy hair when the hair grows out a bit. i suggest finding a style who knows how to deal with thick asian hair (you're not the only one, i have thick asian hair and my stylist said that it's common amongst asians).
  13. ^ I agree that you need to have an Asian stylist. Asians know Asian hair. Makes sense right?
  14. ^I used to think that, but every single one I went to just assumed I wanted flat, stick-straight hair like all the other Asian girls had and would cut/style it so, no matter how much I told them I did NOT wear my hair like that and even brought in photos to show. I gave up and went to a non-Asian salon. You just gotta make sure you pick a stylist who will listen to you.
  15. I have thick asian hair too and have that Posh bob, but I don't really like it on me because I feel like I have so much hair that it poofs out all the time! Im going to grow it long again.