Advice for the person below you!

  1. invest your time in things that will last
  2. Spend twice as much time praising as you do criticizing.
  3. ^VERY good advice :tup:

    exercise your right to vote
  4. Ride the water slide.
  5. If people bring you down, don't spend time with them
  6. Move on.
  7. Dont ask for respect, DEMAND it.
  8. Don't get yourself drawn into others' drama
  9. Think with your brain, not with your heart.
  10. Never leave fun to find fun.
  11. Focus on what's ahead...not what happened yesterday.
  12. Let you kids read YOU a book for a change
  13. be generous whenever you can
  14. Learn to listen to your body...if it's full, stop stuffing your face with all the deliciousness.
  15. ^^^OMG…I was just telling myself that!!

    Keep your elbows off the table at all times.