Advice for the new girl....

  1. Hi, I am newly obsessed with LV. I decided to diversify my handbag collection and try to get all the classics (but I prefer classics that are limited edition!!!).

    Soooooo, I just found the last perfo bag at LV- a Musette. I fell madly in love with perfo when it came out but wasn't obsessed with LV yet so let it slip I HAD to have one...I know Musette isn't a classic per se, but...

    now I feel like I have to have a Speedy!!! Soooo I am really :heart: all the Mirage Speedy's you guys have been posting! So do I get the Mirage Speedy or just a regular Speedy??? And if I get the regular one am I just going to freak out and have to have the Mirage later on??? Is the Mirage a classic? In 10 years will I still :heart: her???

    I'm so confused!!! Help!
  2. i say mirage. LV is going to start hand painting speedies and keepalls, so if that is something you have an interest in, get a mirage (which is LE) and then later on get a regular speedy painted. it's special order and can only be done when the bag is made, so already-assembled speedies can't be painted. i'd think about this idea :smile:
  3. Get the mirage!! It will definitely be a classic!
  4. I agree...Mirage all the way!!:tup:
  5. mirage:tup: ... you can always get a regular mono speedy later.
  6. Get a Mirage before they are all gone......
  7. I definitely think the mirage will be a classic. So, I would get it.
  8. Since the Mirage is LE, if you have the chance to get one then DO!