Advice for Starting an LV Collection

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  1. Hey All!
    I am a newbie to LV and only own a Speedy 30 in DE, and will soon own a Saumur 30. I'm about to turn 30 and want to begin focusing on improving my collection of handbags that can be used and loved for many years. I feel very overwhelmed by all the LV options between bags, luggage, and SLGs, so I was hoping for some advice from some of you experienced collectors on what should be my next purchase. I have more classic, simple taste in handbags, but I also don't want to look like everyone else..

    For designer items, I keep a long-term wish list (I call it my Luxe List) of items that I love so I can stay focused on building a collection of more timeless pieces that I've loved for a long time. It's easy for me to get wrapped up in the shiny new fashion pieces, but I don't think those are smart for me to invest in at this time. The Saumur was on my list so when I found one in great shape, I knew I needed to grab it (it's at a local consignment store and I'm in the process of having it authenticated). The remaining LV items on my list are as follows.... Which do you think should be my next purchase? I will need to save for it so I have some time to wait.

    Keepall Bandouliere in Monogram Macassar. I'm leaning towards size 45 since I'm petite and intend to use this as a "personal item" when carrying on my luggage and as a weekender. I think the Macassar is really cool and even more attractive than DE in this particular bag. I want to buy this new.
    Noe - I really like the BB size in mono, but it doesn't appear to be in production. I love crossbody bags but I also don't want to be too repetitive in my chocies. I've loved Noe for a long time, but I think the regular size would be way too big on me. Is this a good bag to get pre-loved?
    An SLG - would love your advice on what would be an ideal first Louis SLG for a budding collector :smile: From what I've read, it seems a lot of you would recommend the pochette cles. I get the sense that SLGs are worth buying new because it doesn't appear that you save that much pre-owned.
    Something in Damier Azur - I think DA is so pretty and would love a piece in the print, but am not sure which direction to go. Maybe a wallet or cosmetic pouch?
    Other? Any other bag you think I would be remiss not to own and should be added to my list?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!
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  2. Wow welcome to the world of collecting Louis Vuitton! It's definitely an addiction but it's so much fun and soooo worth it! I LOVE the LV community! You have a great wish list!

    In terms of an SLG, I would start with a wallet or the 6 key holder. For a wallet, I would go with a classic like the Sarah Wallet or compact Sarah for something smaller. The 6 key holder is one of my most useful SLGs, I didn't realize how useful it would actually be but now I can't imagine not having.

    For a DA piece, I think the Neverfull is absolutely stunning in Azur! The Neverfull is also a must-have in my collection because it's so practical and carefree!

    Enjoy building your collection! XO
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  3. Hands down, 6 Key holder.
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  4. Sounds like you already have bags so I would go for a SLG. The Cles is a great piece. I admit I didn't think much of it when I bought it but it's a pretty handy piece especially when travelling. You could get it in DA to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, or maybe in DE to match your Speedy?
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  5. I love my Noe BB in azur. You should consider that as both your DA piece and the Noe BB size that you like.

    I think getting a nice wallet is a good place to start with an SLG. I don't know if you prefer compact or large wallets. For compact, my favorites are the zipped multicartes and the zipped card holder. I don't use large wallets and try to avoid flap styles because of glazing issues. A lot of people love mini pochette, but I prefer my Toiletry 15 as a small catchall for my bags. I also adore both of my pochette accessories as I can use them as a small handbag/clutch (added a strap) or inside a larger bag.

    The Keepall is on my wishlist as well in the same print you mentioned. It is gorgeous!
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  6. Welcome to LV! :smile:

    I would suggest a pochette cles as your first SLG. It is so practical and I have used mine forever. I also agree that a Neverfull should be on your list at some point, as it is a great, useful bag :smile: My other suggestion would be for a bag like the Felicie or Favorite that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
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  7. Thank you! I think Neverfull is beautiful in Azur as well. I think a Neverfull will at some point be in my collection, probably in DE or Azur or maybe even Mon Monogram. I've seen some of the Epi versions around the forums and I am intrigued by that as well.

    I like the wallet idea and something classic sounds right. I already have a large zip-around wallet I really like so something different and more compact would be smart. What do you use your 6 key holder for?

    Thanks for weighing in! Can you all elaborate on why that piece is so useful? I'll admit, when I look at it I can't really figure out what I would use it for!

    great point! What do you primarily use yours for? I like the idea of getting it in either DA or DE.

    The DA Noe BB is actually saved to my wishlist on! I think it's adorable, and poured through both the DA and Noe Clubhouse threads and really like it. I think I'd be happy with this combo. Do you carry it as an everyday bag?

    Thanks for all the info on SLGs! Super helpful!! I think the Zippy Multicartes is really cute but I'm not wild about the pink/mono color combo, it just isn't me. If it came in another material or color I'd be interested. Looks like a really useful piece. I have a large zip-around Gucci wallet that I really love, so even though I love large wallets, I don't really need one. I think a smaller wallet would be a smart buy for me. I like the DE Studded Victorine wallet, and the Josephine, but the glazing issues with flap wallets makes sense. I was watching a YouTube video earlier today and the woman used a pochette accessoires as a makeup bag in her Saumur because it was slim, which I thought was a great suggestion. I wish it came in DE, but I suppose I could get DE in the mini version. So maybe the larger size in DA would be a good many decisions!
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    Thank you for the welcome and replying!! :smile: I like the pochette cles idea, I'll admit. It's affordable and seems like I could use it as a card holder. I like to switch bags and keep almost everything stored in different pouches. My main wallet is quite large, so having some options for a smaller wallet when using my smaller bags would be great.

    I agree, Neverfull should be on the list. To me it's a quintessential LV like the Speedy. I don't own a high-end tote so this would be a contender; I'm a throw-and-go kinda girl so this would be a good bag for me.

    Felicie and Favorite are good suggestions! I used to love the Eva and I feel like those are the closest. I already own a Chanel WOC, though, so that's probably not something I ~*need*~ :angel:
  9. I do use it as an everyday bag since I got it. Love it! I hope that they bring zippy multicartes back in other colors. I wish I could get the aqua one they once had!
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  10. I just acquired a Saumur 30 and really love it!!
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  11. Another vote for a cles. I have a mono and I have my keys on it, as well as my bus pass and my work access card. It's very useful.

    You might want to also look at the pochette, I put small items in it and then transfer the whole thing from bag to bag. It's great to not have small items rolling around.

    My next vote would be for some sort of tote bag. The Neverfull is very popular, although I find the straps to be a bit short. The straps are not adjustable. I have a very old tote called the Chelsea which they unfortunately do not make anymore. It's a workhorse.
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  12. It's so cute, and I love how the azur looks as the vachetta patinas. So pretty! Enjoy her :smile: You're really making a strong case for that, because initially I was leaning towards DA then changed my mind once I saw that Mono was at one point an option.

    Thanks advice for your advice!
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  13. Did you post it in the clubhouse? I was pouring through the thread yesterday comparing mine to everyone's because I was panicking that it wasn't real. BUT I just got the e-mail that mine is authentic, and I am SO EXCITED. It's such a classic shape that I've admired on other people, and I love how easy and casual it is. So glad to have found one. I will post photos of her once I've gotten her!
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  14. Mostly just cards. I don't really use it on a day to day basis as I have the Rosalie which is basically also a cardholder. I just like it when traveling because I can put my ID, credit card, insurance card, the hotel room card, and maybe some cash, then just bring that around with me if I'm going around the hotel or near the hotel. The clasp is what makes it more useful than an actual wallet since it's nice to have something to grab onto or to hook onto your belt loop or another bag. I just find it easier to move around from bag to bag or by itself than a real wallet or a bigger pouch. Also, since it's so thin and small, you can actually fit it in some of our dinky women pockets. But yea, I don't really use it everyday... if I did it'd probably be used a coin purse haha. I know other people use it to hold onto reward cards or other misc stuff like hair ties and such.
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  15. Thanks for your thoughts! I actually already keep my items in different pouches for this same reason. It's more organized and easier to transfer bags, so a pochette would get good use. Are you referring to pochette accessoires or mini pochette? I also like the idea of a Neverfull or a different tote that is a bit more under the radar....