Advice for Speedy handles

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  1. Hi!

    I'm contemplating purchasing this Speedy. As the pic shows the handles are quite a bit darker than the rest of the vachetta. The outside& inside of the bag is in good condition otherwise. Any thoughts on if the handles can be cleaned or would they need to be replaced? I've spent the last few hours reading thru the "cleaning" posts. Several posts say to use non alcohol wipes, white eraser, Mr. Clean eraser & LMB cleaner and conditioner (which I have). She's asking $250 for the purse, thoughts on price? Thank you for any info.

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  2. If it's authentic, that's a great price. You can clean the handles with LMB. Many users have had great success with cleaning handles to a point that they look almost new! Good luck! Be sure to get the bag authenticated here before you buy.
  3. Thanks, that's what I thought. I took it to the local LV store and they said it's the real deal. I'm excited, but also a bit nervous about the handles. The SA at LV said it has character and not to mess w/the handles. I'm not so sure though.
  4. I would clean them up for sure, but I don't like the coveted dirty handle look. Lots of LV lovers do, but not me.
  5. Me either :lol:
  6. Great price and lovely piece :smile: I don't mind darker patina but I definitely think that this could benefit from a clean!
  7. Good deal!!! Clean her up a bit and she will definitely shine!
  8. Thanks so much! I hope to have her by this weekend :yahoo::happydance::giggles:
  9. you can try magic eraser but it might damage the handles it depends how
    moist they are kept - you can always live with it or replace it or cover it