advice for special order birkin

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  1. Hi ladies, I need your help and advice! The world of Hermes is simply too mind boggling and vast. I have read through the reference threads and I still feel lost. I am given a chance to put in a special order for a colour that I like. I am 28 this year and love feminine colours like red and pink. Do you think these colours are sustainable? As in will i still be able to carry them off when I am older? What other info do I need to give for SO? Is there additional charges for SO too?
    I was thinking of fuschia pink with gold hw or red with silver hw. Can you recommend which shade of the colour is better? And which leather should I pair this with?? I am thinking of a size 30 birkin
    Pls help me with your expertise! i m a total newbie at this!!
  2. I think rouge garrance is a total classic! I think what you should do is go visit your local Hermès store and look at different bags so you can decide on which leather to get before you put in your SO.

    There are no additional charges for SO.
  3. The reds are timeless IMO. Rouge G as avril said, rouge H (see my avatar) are both great reds, as are others.
  4. Personally I love rouge H with Gold HW!
  5. oohh.. good to know. if i m doing a bi-colour, which colour will be suitable for the inside leather?
  6. your avatar is gorgeous!
  7. Red with gold will be a classic that you will enjoy FOREVER. The palladium is pretty..younger, perhaps but the gold really makes the red look very rich.

    The 30 is perfect for a can enjoy it as a handbag rather than a tote.
  8. If I m you, given the chance to SO a dream B! I would take up the opportunity to SO the hot pink b! Since red is more easier to find, as it have many difference shade of red and is available in most leather. While hot pink bag mainly available in chevre, and chevre definitely need to SO! So I will do hot pink, and since hot pink is still suitable when we are older, so I would definitely go for hot pink! PS. I love pinky and purple lover!!
  9. If you're offered an SO, you will be invited to take a look at the various leathers and colors available, and even a piece of leather with colored stitching on it so that you can mix and match the leathers and stitching.

    Generally speaking, your SA will not allow you to SO over the phone WITHOUT first seeing the leather swatches. The way you imagined the colors to be may not in reality go with one another. For example, when I told my SA about possibly matching rouge garrance (a relatively strong red IMO) with rose schocking, she said NO. And true enough, when I put the swatches together, rouge garrance practically melted into the pink because it wasn't strong enough. We had to find a red that was even brighter than rouge garrance and rouge vif.

    After a number of SOs, my advice to you: don't rush into it. Even a special color/skin in mono color is special enough. Take your time to play with the swatches and mull over your design before deciding. SOs are tres special and a reflection of your personality and creativity, not someone else's. And you want it to remain special and absolutely unique to you.
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  10. Did you see the recent reveal of the SO Rouge Garrance with white stitching? I forgot who's it was but it was amazing and now my new dream bag! I definitely think this or Rouge H (as others have mentioned) would look great even as you get older! Good luck!
  11. Here it is! Credits to Marni and her beautiful SO RG, you have to visit her blog to see the pics.
  12. It is a lovely bag!
    SOs are usually to TDF, but u really have to go down to H and compare n contrast all swatches to be sure :smile:
  13. hi ladies, thanks all.. anyway getting to decide the shade is very helpful to knowing where to start planning from. i m getting very excited.. i prob try to get my hubby to accompany me down to the store tmr.

    anyway, pink is out cos he thinks rose shocking is too shocking for him. the bag sponsor votes for red, so i will get on with the red. hehe..
  14. yup yup!! hot pink doesnt come too often so get it while you can!