Advice for scratch on MJ?

  1. One of my MJ bags has a 2 inch scratch in the leather. :sad: I'm scared to do anything to it in case I make it worse. Any advice to at least make it appear less horrible?
  2. Is it just a surface scratch? A pic might be helpful. :smile:
  3. what kind of a leather is it?
  4. If it's dark leather, like goat or calf, try using leather conditioner on it. I also read somewhere in the Chanel forum that the SAs recommended Windex??? I haven't tried it yet but perhaps some of the other ladies have.
  5. It's red calf leather and the scratch is not very deep. I'm not organized enough this week to take a pic. Lol. So a leather moisturizer / conditioner won't hurt MJ leather?
  6. My cobbler recommended to not use it on brightly colored leather, like my apple green Polina... Maybe one of the ladies here has tried it with success. I've only used it on brown/black leather. Perhaps you can test it on some leather inside the bag? or under the pocket flap, somewhere not visable.
  7. I've never tried this, but somewhere on the forum I read that you can take the sleeper bag and use IT to rub out scratches. If you try it, just to a teeny, tiny spot though. It may not work with a red bag.
  8. I was actually going to start a thread about a scuff on my new clutch, would a sleeper work?
  9. ^^^If it is leather, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    I really don't worry about scratches in my leather. I sort of look at them as war wounds or badges of honor, so I don't do much to them. But then I feel the same way about my wrinkles re: plastic surgery. It's all in your point of view I guess. ;)
  10. What's the latest on the leather scratches here? Did anyone try anything? Did it work?