Advice for retin-a useage (Airol specifically)

  1. I was in Greece visiting family recently and noticed my sister-in-law's amazing skin. She's 50 but looks way, way younger and has virtually no wrinkles - turns out she's been using Airol retin-a for the past year. She said it's super cheap there and you don't need an RX. Jumping on the bandwagon I went to the pharmacy and bought 4 20gr tubes of name brand Airol for 4 Euros each!

    The great deal aside, my question is does anyone have any experience cutting the retin-a with a moisturizer (as opposed to putting moisturizer on afterwards)? Airol is more of a paste than a cream and seems to dry up as soon as I put it on my skin making it impossible to use a small amount to spread around. So for the past 2 weeks I have been using a half pea size and then rubbing it together with 1 pump of my Neutrogena Rapid Results moisturizer and have had no adverse effects and none of the redness, peeling, break outs everyone talks about - so I'm wondering if I'm losing the effectiveness of the retin-a?

    I had a little flakiness that literally lasted 1 day and my face feels a bit raw against my towel after a shower but other than that nothing. My skin already looks clear and bright but I'm not sure if it's because I started using Neutrogena Rapid Results moisturizer around the same time.

    Also, to get an idea of my skin condition, I am 27 but used tanning beds several times a week for the last 5 or so years resulting in fine lines on my forehead, fine lines around my eyes and marionette lines around my mouth. All of which seem to be getting much better - I just want to make sure I'm not losing the full effect! I've also read on several boards that women that use this product for many consecutive years look great when they're older so why not!

  2. I think that you'd get a better response in the "The Beauty Bar" forum. There is currently a thread in that forum about retina-a.
  3. Ah, I just saw that thread and added to it. Thanks!