Advice for restoring a preowned bag

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  1. I'm considering buying a preowned Anthra Part Time. From the photos it looks to be in excellent condition however the corners appear to be faded/dry, a bit scuffed maybe and there is some damage to some of the inking. I was wondering, given that the bag is a great price, whether with some TLC I'd be able to bring it back to life a bit!?

    Has anyone successfully restored a bag themselves and if so could you please give me some tips and perhaps show me some photos?

    I've seen some threads here where people have used some form of nourishing lotion which has helped amazingly well in cases where the leather is dry and even see people have opted to use shoe polish on the corners, however not sure which colour I'd use for Anthra?

    Seems like a really lovely bag and would be a fun project for me, just want to know it's doable!

    Thanks x
  2. Hi and welcome...take a look under the care and maintenance threads, there's all sorts of step by step info including names of products and photos of the whole process. PFer "kerryisntreal" has some excellent posts! (BTW, shoe cream, not polish, the polish has, I believe, a wax base and isn't really what you want!) Anthra might be a bit harder to match, you may need to mix a couple of colours to get what you need. If the bag's needs conditioning there are many products that have been recommended, I've used neutral coloured shoe cream (Wolys or Meltonian are good). Also have used coloured shoe cream on corners which has worked well if the corners aren't too bad, then sealed with Zelivovitz Top Coat. Fiebings makes some good products as well. Post before and after pics, we all love a restoration!

  3. Thanks so much x
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