Advice for removing demi-perm hair color??


Dec 21, 2007
Behind a Cactus
I have long fine hair to mid-back and I dyed the long tips of my hair teal. I used N'rage twisted teal from Sally's and that stuff works!! It's been about 3 months and its still in my hair not as vibrant but there's still a lot of pigment. I was thinking about removing some of it and I wanted to know if there was any other way to do it without bleaching. I used to have my hair dyed a henndigo and had to bleach some of that out a few months ago so I don't really want to bleach my hair twice in 3-4 months unless I really have to. Any advice? Thx!


Jan 16, 2007
When I had my hair colored with demi and it was too dark I used Tide laundry detergent, Prell shampoo and warm olive oil treatments as well. I don't know if this will work since it has been longer for you since you've had yours done but its worth a try. I faded mine pretty quickly doing these 3 things. Good luck!


shallowly obsessing
Sep 30, 2007
Demi is hard to get out. I had red hair and dyed it dark brown with demi and went to my hair stylist to get it redone red. Instead of using a high volume bleach she did a "bleach wash" which is supposed to be more gentle to lift the color. It's still pretty dark red.
I would go to a professional!