Advice for Paris trip, please...sorry this is long.

  1. I'm going to Paris for 5 days tomorrow, and am trying to decide which bag to carry. I'm thinking about my 30 swift orange birkin. It's pretty light (especially compared to my 35 clemence and togos), and will hold everything I need for going around during the day. But, orange is not exactly subtle. I'll be wearing a lot of black, but I don't mind the Halloween effect. I'm more concerned about the fact that a birkin is not always easy to carry all day, and cannot go over the shoulder. And, I have a 3 year old, but usually DH carries him or my bag, so that should not be a big problem. Also, what if it rains? But, why leave all my H bags at home when going to chic Paris?

    It's also my goal to purchase a black box kelly while in Paris. Not sure if carrying an orange birkin will help or not. I was able to order a Birkin at FSH when carrying a gucci (shoulder) bag. But, was not able to purchase a kelly (nor shown any of the back stock) at George V store last week, despite carrying my black birkin.

    What do you think? Enjoy orange birkin? leave it at home? I'm not really interested in any of my other brand bags...would probably end up carrying old Tod's D bag for shoulder strap...

    And, one more thing to consider. If I'm able to buy the Kelly onsite, I'll have 2 H bags to bring back to the US, which will complicate travel matters.
  2. It seems you really really want to carry the Birkin but just about everything´s going against it. I probably wouldn´t since I would be doing major shopping in Paris but since you don´t really feel like taking any other bags, I think the Birkin it is!
  3. hmm, just noticed I successfully took my 35 black birkin to Europe when DS was 10 mths old, so maybe I can bring my gold 35 this time? It's a bit lighter...but, I no longer need to travel with diapers and wipes ;)
  4. Do you have any other Hermes bags you can carry? A Bolide or a Masai perhaps (the Masai you could pack flat in your suitcase and carry the Kelly).

    You should go with what you're most comfy - regardless of whether it's H or not.
  5. Hello2703--No, I don't. Have 3 H bags (black 35 birk-too heavy) Gold 35 clemence, lighter, more neutral, and 30 orange swift
  6. AH, my recommendation is to bring your 30cm Birkin if you feel you will miss it, head to Longchamp near 24 FSH when you arrive, and buy a Pliage (with long handles to go over the shoulder) big enough to house your 30cm (or your desired Kelly size). This way, on days when the weather looks rainy, you can either use the Pliage by itself or just store your Birkin within the Pliage, and voila, instant shoulder strap/weather protection for your Birkin. If you wind up buying a Kelly and leave the box at your hotel or ship it home empty, you can tuck your new bag into your Pliage, and handcarry your Birkin back home.

  7. excellent advice T! i'll keep that in mind IF we get to go this year with a rowdy little boy! good luck to me!
  8. since you are planning to buy a kelly in paris, I would leave the birkin & other H bags at home. H bags are something you have to baby & along with a 3 yr old that'll mean you'll have 3 babies on your hand...haha

    jokes aside, coming back to the US with numerous H bags you might see some trouble at customs.

    I would play it safe and leave the H at home. Buy a new one in Paris & then use it during the trip.
  9. 30cm is an excellent size for traveling. I was able to multitask while holding the 30cm, so I don't think it will be a problem for you if your DH is there for your DS.

    I don't think carrying an H bag or any bag will affect your chances at a Black Box Kelly at all. It's a matter of whether they have the Black Box Kelly available; that is, if it isn't already reserved for someone else. The BB Kelly goes runs out pretty quickly. If you don't get it this time, make friends with a SA. The next time you go to Paris, call this SA and ask whether s/he can hold one for you 2 weeks before you arrive.
  10. If you bring a H bag, I would bring the Gold Birkin. If you buy anything, ship the box home with laundry or other soft things packed inside from the hotel at the end of the trip. But good point about customs. :confused1:They (Hermes) would have a record of your purchase on computer (good client) so maybe it is not necessary to take a H bag at all if you are planning to buy a one for sure and carry back it home.
  11. thank you all. Of course, if I bring the birkin, I'll be able to buy a new kelly on the first day, I'm sure. and if I don't bring the birkin, there won't be any kellys for me. I think I'll bring the 30, and buy a pliage if the weather is bad or I can find a kelly.
  12. I also like the idea of shipping the box with old laundry in it. DH doesn't see why I need the boxes...but I do!
  13. Good plan :tup:, I hope you'll be bringing Kelly home too!!
  14. My strategy would be...take a birkin...have a small suitcase to carry on... When you return home, carry your birkin...and pack your new Kelly in your small roller bag to carry on (assuming your Kelly is small...28 or 32)... Pack things you carried in the small roller on the way to Paris in your checked bag or mail home in your Kelly box...
  15. Yeah, bring your Birkin.

    Buy a pliage at Longchamp if you don't already have one, to protect your bag on bad weather days in Paris, as well as those nasty Xray machines at the airport.

    I don't see how it'd be troublesome at the customs when you return to the US. Isn't it normal for women to travel with extra shoes and bags to match?

    Sorry to sound like a bimbo here, but I've always wanted to be a bimbo. :tispy: