Advice for NY city trip, with maybe a stop along the way to Niagara?

  1. I am planning my first trip to New York for this Christmas and New Year, and I am so excited! :yahoo: I've been waiting to go until my credit cards could hold up to a massive shopping trip, and that time is finally here.

    The trip is for 10 days, and I'm just wondering if I can squeeze in a trip to Niagara Falls as well...Does anyone have any advice for me on if this is realistic? I do have a habit of trying to get to way to many places on a holiday, but I do prefer it to be all go, than feeling like I haven't seen enough. Also, I've been trying to find info on how to get from NY City to Niagara, but am not having much luck. Could anyone tell me what the simplest way might be (bus, train, plane?).

    Any advice would be huuuuugely appreciated!
  2. Hey,
    NYC is pretttyyyy far away from Niagra Falls.. How long are you staying for, it will be about a day's drive (about 450 miles north), with stops to Niagra.. if you desperatly want to go, Id say fly.. its about a few hours to get to the NY Side.. however, I am not sure if the airports are close to Niagra Falls or somewhere near the middle of the state and you would have to take another form of transportation to get to the falls.

    Its quite a hefty trek from NYC to the Falls.. but both are definitley worth seeing and experiencing...
  3. Hi! Definitely fly from NYC to Niagara Falls! It's a LOOONNNNGGG drive, as KissMeDeadly said, and the drive could take longer if there are snow storms, which are typical that time of year.

    The closest airport to NF is Buffalo, NY. There are many carriers that fly between NYC and Buffalo. I recommend checking into the lower cost carrier JetBlue, which has routes between JFK in NYC to Buffalo. You can rent a car and drive to NF from there (within 30 min. drive I think). Alternatively, you could fly to Toronto and drive. It's a longer drive (1-2 hours) but Toronto's weather may be slightly better than Buffalo's due to its northern location off Lake Ontario. Also, Toronto's sights and activities may be slightly more cosmopolitan than Buffalo's.

    (sorry, no offense to any Buffalonians! I grew up near Rochester, NY and have been to both cities a bunch of times)

    Around the Falls, I recommend staying on the Canadian side of the falls. It's a better view of the falls from there. There's a small town called Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON with cute shops and atmosphere.

    I think during the Christmas/New Year's week, the falls are lit up at night with different colored lights - beautiful!!

    In Niagara, NY on the US side, there is a large factory outlet mall.

    Have fun! and take lots of warm clothes!
  4. Niagra falls is a lot of fun to go to, but it's a terribly loooooooooooooonnnngggg drive, as mentioned, to get there from NYC. If you are up for loooooooooonnnggg drives, then I would go for it, but if not, try a plane maybe? There is the Buffalo intl'l airport, and that's pretty close to the niagra falls. You'll have a lot of fun!!
  5. I just got back from Niagara Falls! It was amazing...there's just something about it that's absolutely alluring! Make sure you go to the Canadian side of the falls...they offer more attractions than the American side!
  6. Niagara Falls is AMAZING, but know that it is going to be BITTER COLD up in the Buffalo area in December. That being said, if you do go to Buffalo, do not miss the Albright-Knox museum -- the BEST collection of American Abstract Expressionist paintings, with a great selection of Clifford Still not to be seen anywhere else.

    Also, there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo... worth the drive-by.