Advice for next bag ?

  1. I would like your thoughts. I have three 35cm birkins (gold togo, box rouge H and Ebene evercalf) and three 32cm kelly's (swift etoupe, box noisette, combo black box). I'm looking for a smaller bag which easily would convert to an evening bag if I want to. What kind of leather would you choose? would you choose a 25 cm Birkin or 28 cm Kelly. (I'm completely biased. Love both the birkin and kelly equally).
  2. Black box Kelly 28 sellier with white topstitch.
  3. Definitely a 28cm Kelly in my opinion. I would say croc, but really black box is more practical even though you are already box-heavy for lack of a better term! I think that black stitching would make it more likely to go from day to evening seamlessly though.

    Or how about Swift? You could even do a fun color like Vermillion which is a wonderful accent to evening clothes, especially if you wear a lot of black :love:
  4. hey, what about bustin' out and getting a 31 bolide??? Hmmmmmm????
  5. Hmm....
    I'm really biased towards the larger birkins. I'm not a fan of the smaller ones. 30cm is probably the smallest I would go. I would go for the Kelly. I think it that the Kelly is better for the evening. As for color, maybe another rouge in swift. This is a difficult question.
  6. Is this a "going to a play" or "going to dinner with DH at a restaurant without a children's menu" evening bag?
  7. I like the plume elan for evening myself....!!!!!
  8. thanks for all the suggestions.

    CB excellent idea and I have one coming probably :p
    Hello I like that!!!!
    Cynthia I would love to have a croc some day, but maybe in a couple years, as the kids are a bit older.
    shoes I do have the cute 20cm BJ plume which I use a lot.

    BPPrimus yes I mean going out for diner or cocktails, but also something I still could use during daytime if I wanted, we want to do more of this little kidless trips, that way I can just grab 1 (or 2) bags.
  9. ^^yay! I think you would look great with a bolide. And a rigid one in a dark neutral or rouge h could go from day to night and back again!! YAY
  10. I guess I should try on one first:smile: I do love the Kelly indeed maybe vermillion? a fun red?
  11. Exactly my idea ;), LOVElove the Bolide:smile:
  12. Yes yes yes! Any of the brighter reds, I think, would be lovely.

    Not that a Bolide isn't, because of course it is. A very subtle, under the radar bag, and perfect for evening wear if it's a rigide style.
  13. i thought you are getting a new ostrich kelly from the water damaged one?
    if you want to use it for evening i say choose the 28 birkin, but you have so many neutral colors, how about adding something in a bright color? BJ or brighton blue or a green?
  14. Oh I think you have me confused with ardneish:smile: I wish I could see an ostrich IRL, I just don't know how it looks and feels.

    A pop of color would be nice: BB or green sounds lovely.... I'm up for something :smile:
  15. What about a Jige Clutch??
    I use mine in the daytime and its great
    Also would be good for the evenings

    I do think the Kelly in whatever size just well is not a sort of evening bag
    except of course the clutch

    have you decided yet , let us know