Advice for my next (and possibly last!) Chanel!

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I think my bag collection is just about done, I've always been a fan of small, manageable collections and want to have the most versatile collection possible. I'm done with scouring evilbay and the internet, bugging SAs, and constantly worrying about bags. I want to not have to worry about having to make decisions about what bag I want! Just one more though.. (yes, that's what they all say. :biggrin:)

    I currently have:
    Black caviar small classic flap SHW
    Violet fonce caviar east/west SHW
    The next member of my collection sitting at the post office! :cursing: (Something red. :yahoo: )

    My next purchase I want to be able to take to work, so I think a reissue is in order. (Ladies, do you take your reissues to work? I'll be working at the headquarters of a biiiiiig international company in a big city.) Is this appropriate? The reason I settled on a reissue is because you can't get anymore logo-less than the reissue! I also want to fit more than what I can in my small and e/w flaps, hence probably the reissue that has the jumbo's proportions.

    I'm bouncing around the idea of a black reissue, or a navy reissue. The idea is to max the amount of outfits it will go with, and a color that will combat the peeling issue. I'll be careful, but I *am* slightly clumsy (hence all caviar flaps). I think I would be heartbroken if my bag faded/scratched easily in three years. Should I go with the safe bet of black metallic? Or a slight pop of color navy metallic? What are your thoughts on my collection? ;)
  2. If you want a durable bag, I wd suggest to avoid any of the metallics.
  3. I know it's not on your list but I think the Cerf is a great work bag, maybe in beige caviar since you don't have a light color.

    I agree avoid the metallic colors if you want the most durable bag possible.
  4. Have you taught about camera bag in gray?
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    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Thank you for your replies! I was considering a reissue because I really, really like flaps. I've let go of other bags before because they were snap closure, or wide open totes. I've never really thought about a zip top like the camera bag because I rather like being able to wear a bag two ways. I love my small flap even though it's not that big precisely because I can wear it double or single strapped. I'll look into the Cerf as well! That hasn't been on my radar so I didn't even consider it.

    Would dark reissues be horrible in the durability department?

    [edit] Ah! I went to the reference library to look up a cerf, and it's so beautiful! However, in my current stage of life I'm a shoulder bag girl. So perhaps later on? :biggrin:
  6. I love the matte black reissue with GHW ! I have one in size 225 and loving it to bits!

    If you are getting it for work, i guess a 226 or 227 size would do the job! :biggrin:
  7. ^ agree w/ matte black GH... its the only reissue i luv to have!
  8. Matte black GH is a killer combo and definetly work appropriate! :yes:
  9. metallic is really difficult to care for plus i heard it peels over time! and yes i agree with the black reissue with ghw!
  10. Oooh the black matte reissue with GHW is a great suggestion! A navy reissue would be lovely too!
  11. Go for a matt black reissue 226 or 227 with ghw. GL in your decision.
  12. i wud recommend the black matte reissue with gold hw in the 227 size, or 226 ..

    ive got the 225 size n love it so much, its def durable cuz its not metallic...
    the gold gives a splash of classiness to it, if u wana tone it down, the go for the silver hw.. but i personally prefer the gold hw :smile:
  13. I would avoid the metallics if you're careless with your bag! And ITA with the above posters; the black matte reissue with ghw in the 227 or 226 would be a perfect addition!
  14. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! The matte black reissue is definitely my next buy now. Now I'm just struggling with everyone's age old question.. gold or ruthenium hardware. :biggrin: The matte black does look so beautiful with the gold, but all my flaps and jewelry are silver, so... *look of pained constipation*. Haha, I must think more about this and look at more pictures!