Advice for my first in store purchase

  1. So we just had our price increase here, in our country. But it's not gonna stop me from purchasing my first new LV! Well my budget is just enough for a speedy but Im always hearing from reviews that, bandouliere is so much better than just the regular speedy. Because of it's versatility. I'd like to hear it from you. If I will purchase the bandouliere I'll need to save and wait for 2-3mos :sad: But for the regular speedy, I can purchase it by Nov-Dec. Should I wait to get the bandouliere or just go for it? Thanks!
  2. I would wait for the Speedy b, so you'll have three ways to wear the bag : hand, shoulder and crossbody.
    Which print will you buy ?
  3. I would wait and save the extra money for the speedy b. It’s totally worth it. I guess you could always buy a strap later on if you do decide to get the regular version but I think those straps run an upward of 300+ usd? Plus it doesn’t hang the same as a bandoulier does.
  4. I have the regular speedy but if I had to make the decision on buying a speedy now I would most likely go with the bandoulière version. An added bonus is that you can give it to yourself as a christmas present :smile:.
  5. Ohh ok. Thanks. Mono :smile:
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  6. Alright will do. Thanks!
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  8. I was in the same position as you earlier this year trying to decide on the Speedy B or Speedy for my very first LV. After reading a lot of reviews (and watching far too many you tube videos!) I went with the Speedy B and could not be happier with that decision. If its going to be your only LV purchase, or it's going to be some time before you buy any other LV, then don't limit yourself and go for the versatility of the bandouliere :smile:
  9. Speedy B for sure!! I don't know why but for my the classic speedy is just so hard to wear on your arms and I also don't like the leather pieces on the side!! But just my 2 cents...
  10. Yay! Thanks so much for your advice. Can you share a pic of your speedy b? :smile:
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  11. Will go for thespeedyb thanks! :smile:
  12. @MeganFox - to help with the extra funds for the price difference, consider asking for gift cards as Christmas presents, birthday, etc.. LV shops in department stores such as, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. sell the store brand gift cards (not LV) and standalone LV boutiques sell LV gift cards. LV gift cards cannot be used at LV shops in department stores and vice versa. Good luck!
  13. No problem, here she is :biggrin:
  14. I was in your shoes when I first bought my first LV which so happened to be a speedy 30. At the time I had no idea on what to buy and didn’t know abt the purse forum but I wish I had paid the extra coz the strap is so useful and the speedy b is a such better bag in general. Speedy b all the way or else you will regret it like me now!!!