Advice for my first Balenciaga bag?

  1. Hi! I've been browsing through this forum for a few days now and admiring all your lovely bags. I'm finally getting one of my own. :yahoo:But I'm not too sure what model I should get, or what colour. What do you think is the most versatile model? I'm a student at Pomona College (in California) so I'm looking for something decent to large sized. I also don't know what colour I should get. I'm thinking either vermillon, electric blue or that bright yellow (bouton d'or). White is also looking very nice. Thanks for your help! I'm so excited about this new bag. :woohoo: :love: I'm also getting a money wallet and colour suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks for your help!
  2. For a student I'd go with a Work or a Day.
  3. The City seems to be the most popular for first time Bal buyers. I think it's the perfect size and I plan to get one for my first Bbag purchase when EB comes out! Saying that, I'd suggest waiting for the rest of the SS 08 colors to choose a color! Hope you find what you're looking for! Can't wait to see pics of your purchase!!!!
  4. Welcome to the Balenciaga sub-forum! Let me just warn you once u get ur B-Bag... you will never stop getting other Bals! its a slippery slope!

    But i would recommend either a city or work.

    I Used the work when I was in University and it was perfect! carried all my books and laptop.
  5. I'd suggest a work as well :tup:
  6. Thanks to those who replied. :smile: It's so nice of you. I'll certainly post pictures of my bag when I get it. To those who own a work/have seen it IRL, I'm only 5"3'. Would the work look too big on me? Also, can anyone advise me on how much a city/a twiggy will hold in units of textbooks and papers, which is sad really. Being in college is so much work that I have to lug my books with me everywhere I go. I'm not planning on lugging my laptop in my bag or going to class with it simply because I can't bear to but I'll certainly need to carry books around in it even when I'm on a casual outing. Oh and the reason why I mentioned that my college is in California is to factor in with the colour choice. I'm down in SoCal so I probably will be wearing summery clothes most of the time. And to those who are seasoned Balenciaga buyers/admirers, is it worth waiting for the Spring colours to come out before I make a decision? Thanks!
  7. If you're going to be carrying all kinds of binders and books, I'd say Work, I tried using the City to carry my folders from work and it got to be too small(on top of my personal items). If you have to go with a Spring color, I'd say Electric Blue or the Black, something dark, because the white or the yellow will get dirty VERY quickly(at least they'll show much much sooner) if this is going to be school bag. Black's always a great choice since stains don't really show and it's classic!
    Good luck!
  8. Nobody has mentioned it yet, but I think a part time might also be a good choice for a student -- it's a little longer than the city and has longer handles that can be worn over the shoulder. Also, you can wear the bag messager style.

    As for books, it depends on what kind of books you're talking about. One or two text books or smaller books will fit in a city or part time. If you're carrying a LOT of text books/notebooks, than you'll need the work. I don't own a twiggy, but they're smaller so unlikely to fit text books. Someone else can weigh in here.
  9. Ditto.. i would get the part-time in electric blue if i were you.. HTH
  10. I don't own a part-time, so can't comment on that, but being able to wear it messenger style would be a bonus!

    My choice will be the Work or Day. However, I'm not sure how good the day would look when it's stuffed with bigger books because it might lose that slouchy shape which I love. The Work will fit lots of books and even A4 folders, and if you get a newer (current season) work, you might even be able to wear it over the shoulder comfortably. I have an 06 Work, and it fits over the shoulder, but it's not very comfortable wearing it there for long periods of time.

    The Courier will fit a lot more than the Day, and you can wear it messenger style too.

    I'm not being any help am i? :p
  11. I do think that for a Uni bag, the Work would be fantastic. It has a bigger shoulder than the City so it can fit better and is twice the size so you can fit your laptop, books, etc. As far as color, I would go with Electric Blue. The color is aiming to be gorgeous! Vermillion is very corally and I don't know how versatile it will be, same goes for the Buton D'or, that is a neon yellow, It would be cute as small bag, but definitely overbearing as a big bag like the Work. HTH!
  12. I love the Twiggy, but I don't think that it is the bag for this purpose. You can fit a paperback in there, even the larger ones, but magazines need to be rolled up to fit in it, it's not very tall, though it is long. The newer ones have shorter handles, so if you are slender, it will go over your shoulder, but it won't fit over mind and I wouldn't want a book bag that had to be hand held all the time!

    I wish you well,

  13. Thanks for all your replies. :heart: They've been very helpful. :yes: I hopped down to the Balenciaga shop in Singapore today to check out the bags in real life and also because the SA told me that they'd just gotten in the colour swatches and I was hoping that it'd be clearer than the one we have at TPF but seriously, they didn't even get a clear photo of the swatch. Everything was so yellow-toned and the bottom swatches, including electric blue were cut off. But having said that, there's a really lovely SA there by the name of Alvin who let me try on all those lovely Balenciaga bags running wild in the store and I finally decided on the work size. I'll probably be getting the bag in Electric Blue as it's such a bright colour but still versatile. :love: It's going to look so effortlessly stylish with the RG. Ah! Can't wait. I'll be ordering the bag from BalNY and it'll be shipped to me free via ground with NO TAXES!!! Haha! I'm so deliriously happy right now. I'll also be getting the Money in Vermillon. :nuts: I hope that my SA, Bill, picks out a great bag with thick, smooshy, unveiny leather. *fingers crossed* And thanks once again, to those who gave me advice. You're all wonderful! :ty:
  14. Very happy for you EB work sounds great + a vermillon money a perfect combo, congrats!
  15. what is the color of your outfit mostly? if they are mostly dark...then go for a bright color bag. if you outfits are more in colorful spectrum..pick the electric blue which can also go w/ dark clothes too.
    being a student...a dark color is better 'cos you do have the tendency to put your bags on the floor...when your b-bag is won't make you feel good.
    style wise, depends on how do you like carrying your bags. i think work or part-time is a good choice. they look more chic to me. i am not a big fan of day or messenger bags..but it's up to your preference.
    pick a fun color for your wallet. maganta or violet is great choice.
    enjoy your bbags!!:yes: