Advice for moving my bags across the country

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  1. I'm contemplating a move across the US next year. I'm already thinking about the logistics and would love some advice. I'm concerned about the best way to move my very dear to me bags. I have all the boxes so that isn't an issue. Do I place them in their boxes and then put them in larger boxes and allow them to go on the moving van? Do I drive across the country and take them with me? Would they be safe in the car for the week it would take? Do I mail them express so they're not in a hot van or car for too long? Do I fly with them in checked baggage? I'm so confused. I know I have plenty of time but I like to plan ahead.

    I searched before posting this thread but I didn't find any info. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA.
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  2. Personally for me it really depends on how many you have. If you have a few (let's say less than 5 -10, depending on the size of the boxes), I would personally check it in and pay the extra luggage fee (i'd put the boxes in one of those moving boxes and check those in). If you have more I'd probably just have FedEx come and pick it up and courier it. Hope that helps. Driving I would be too worried about it being left in car and someone taking it. If you send it along with your furniture and other items, I'd be worried for damages and theft as well. Hope that helps.
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  3. I have a little experience with moving with my bags - I have moved internationally- twice with my boxes in a container ...they were fine - I would suggest that the packers pack them as “fragile” but what is more important is that you declare them for the insurance adequately - I would suggest you keep all receipts and that you quote the value as what it would be to buy off the reseller value- I have found that insurance companies will not reimburse you
    For the actual amount you paid for something - but what you Stated it’s value would be on the packing list ...I have fine (new) furniture that I had receipts for that was damaged beyond repair - but all I was reimbursed for was the value provided as it was “used” a nutshell - over-estimate the bags values...for your peace of mind because if something is damaged- you will need/want to replace it .
    ****but please bear in mind - my bags are not exotics...
  4. I remember reading some posts so tried to find them. There are actually some threads on the forum, maybe you just didn't use the right search words. Try putting in "move bags." Here's one:
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  5. Sorry, I mean, type in "moving"
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  7. Following... because you never know where life takes you!
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  8. Thanks. Those were my worries too. While I admire minimalism, I somehow have 25-30 that will be moving with me.
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  9. Thank you for the good advice! I don't have any exotics either. That would probably be way too stressful!!
  10. I have 25-30 moving with me, no exotics. They are not listed separately on my homeowners policy but I should definitely look into making sure they are insured. Thanks!
  11. Yes - please ensure they are adequately insured / photographed with date stamps / listed - when we’ve moved - we have to fill in a Valued Inventory list - but I strongly urge you to make sure you are covered ...things can and do go wrong- I’ve had thick metal frame benches bent completely out of shape - they cost thousands - and I was only Able to recover $500 ...just an FYI ...I would hate to think if anything happened to your bags ...
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  12. Following...
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  13. I will definitely. I've also had furniture damaged before and it was very upsetting. I'd be even more upset over damage or loss to my beloved bags. Thanks so much!
  14. We moved across the US last year. We drove to our new home (because we had pets) and I took my most valuable bags with me (I stuffed them with all my smaller H goodies). It was a bit of a pain, but I made sure not to leave them in the car when when stopped at night during our 5-day cross country drive.

    The less valuable bags went with the movers. My main concern was theft. So I packed all designers items (including those pretty orange boxes) in plain cardboard boxes before the movers came to pack up the house. I even gave the boxes fake labels like "Christmas ornaments" or "guest bedroom sheets" - stuff that no one would be interested in. That way, the movers never saw any sign of goods worth stealing.
  15. I would hand-carry the highest value one(s) on the plane, Fedex the second-highest value ones, and "hide" the lesser value ones in your moving boxes like @Louis74 suggested. Would not check any bags on the plane, as those have a max amount covered by the airline in case of loss, and it's waaaay below the cost of an Hermes bag (unless of course loss during travel is covered by your homeowners' insurance). My friends have had Hermes bags stolen from their checked bags and learned their lesson the hard way. With Fedex you can insure it for the full amount of the bag.