advice for me please!

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  1. Okay, ladies this is SERIOUS! I am getting my first flap. :yahoo: So far my collection is all black, I don't care for beige, and that leaves us with white. Now I plan on using it for day/night time and I originally wanted the e/w. Unfortunately my store only has medium, jumbo, and hybrid flap with MM closure. I have a very casual style but like to dress up to go out.
    So I have three choices....What do I do?

    1. medium caviar classic flap for $1995
    2. jumbo caviar classic flap for $2225
    3. medium distressed calfskin with MM lock and new chain for $2275

  2. This would be my order of preference: 3, 1, then 2.

    But to confuse the issue even further, would you consider a dark brown caviar flap? That color would be as userfriendly as black and easier to care for than the lighter colors (also great color IMO for a casual style)...
  3. #3!!
  4. 3, 1 , 2
  5. #1!
  6. #3
  7. 3,2, order of preference...LOL!
  8. thanks to all the great thoughts so far!!! :heart:
  9. hMm ... I think anything medium will go great to your preference. But I love the jumbo as well!

  10. I am also buying my first flap and was deciding btw #1 & #3. I chose #1 in the end cos I find the new chain on #3 too casual esp. if you want to dress up.

    But this is just my thought, think it might be better to go to the store and try it out. See which one really catch your fancy!
  11. white medium classic flap!:heart:
  12. 1,3,2. Good Luck...decisions like this are soooo hard!!!:sweatdrop:
  13. 1
  14. 3,2,1 definately that way you can use your bags for day and evening.
  15. 3 is my favorite bag EVER. But, it is definitely more causal if that is what you want. If your store has the regular caviar with the new chain, I would go with that one first. It is the same chain on #3, but 3 is more tarnished and the regular caviar's new chain is shiny and beautiful....great for daytime and evening. That is the one I went for!