Advice for Hermes wannabe!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Cal and am normally in the Balenciaga forum *waves hello*. I popped over here once before to show off my Hermes bracelet. Anyhoo, I regularly lurk on this forum as I love looking at your beautiful bags. I chat regularly with Perja and we all know her love for Hermes!

    I think I've been converted, I think I'm ready for my first Hermes bag. I'm currently looking for a shoulder bag in leather, a bigish bag that I can take from day to night. For this reason I've been thinking that a JPG might be the bag for me in Black with Palladium hardware. Can anyone give me any other suggestions? I've read that the JPG is heavy, is there a reason why this is? Is it heavier than a Paddy? Also is this a bag I can find easily and can buy without having a relationship with an SA? And does anyone know the rough retail in €? Does the JPG stay on the shoulder?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm completely new at this and don't have a local store that I can pop into - have to go to Amsterdam. BTW - I'm 5'10 and really need a shoulder bag.

    Thanks for your help ladies!!! I just love your bags :heart: .
  2. Perja scores one more convert for the H-team! And the crowd goes wild!

    I think the JPG might be a little on the heavy side - it was definitely heavier than my baby Paddy when empty. IMHO, if you wanted something that goes from day to night, you might want to go for a black box Kelly with pall or ruthenium hardware, which also has a shoulder strap you can put on if you need to free up your hands.

    I don't think there are many H bags that can be carried on the shoulder but the other Hxperts will probably come up with something fabby for you. :s

    As for scoring one without having a regular SA, either you're insanely lucky when you go to the H store in Amsterdam. :weird:
  3. Cal...happy you are here!

    Some advice...SAVE YOUR $$$!!!!
  4. Cal, welcome to the Hermes subforum. That was a hilarious thread you posted in The Kitchen subforum!! Good gawd, girl!:wtf: What were you cooking!!!!!!!!:confused1: I didn't realize chicken was so combustible!!!:P

    Anyway,:back2topic: , the JPG is harder to get in my neck of the woods. How about a 35cm? It's roomy and, well, lighter than the JPG.
  5. Just wanted to say HI Cal!!! *waves back!!!* Ces't moi, Serenity, with a twist.. Oh no.. now there's you and Perja together...... the beast is loose! Troublemakers alert! Lol, just kidding.:biggrin: Welcome to the H subforum, Cal!:flowers:
  6. Are you serious HG, the JPG is harder to get in your store? I only got mine cos I couldn't score a 35 leather Birkin.

    And yes Cal, it is bl**dy heavy. It's aggravating the tendonitis in my right elbow (which I got carrying a 35 Birkin + orange box through Roissy-CDG1 a couple of months back :lol: ).
  7. :yahoo: We CELEBRATE the birth of another Hermes convert!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    If you are a Balenciaga gal before this, I highly suspect you will find the JPG a HEAVY load. The B-bags are soft and squishy and are practically feather-light.

    The JPG is different. It is full leather in all her wondrous glory, on top of that, the solid Silver hardware weighs a ton by themselves. The best thing to do is to try one out for yourself - see if you can go to any H store and try your luck because honestly weight is a subjective thing.

    The JPG lovers may tell you that the beauty of the bag far by-passes the weight. So this is just my personal opinion...for me, I couldn't take the weight and sold mine off in a jiffy.

    You may want to check out the other H bags first before you decide the JPG is for you, afterall, it's a lot of mney to invest. :heart:
  8. Yes! But then again, I don't think NYC is a JPG Birkin kinda town. I just don't see as many here. For every 10 regular Birkins, I see one JPG. I don't believe the store orders that many.
  9. Could be that the store just doesn't order it, as you say. 35s are way easier to score at the mothership than 30s for example, since 35 is the size of choice there.

    I'd have thought JPGs would be right up the alley of the Park Ave blonde brigade.
  10. Thanks for your replies ladies. Hmm.....okay, so the JPG is heavy. If it's about the same as a Paddy then it's off the list. Apart from the Kelly (using the shoulder strap) are there any other leather shoulder bags around?

    Lol - Hermesgroupie, the kitchen was the result of leaving hot oil on the stove. Ladies, please don't let me cook anymore - here's what I did to my kitchen:
  11. OMG, Cal......this is the first time I've read this and I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard!!!! This is hysterical!!!!! omg......
  12. LOLOL., Cal! And welcome to the dark side! I'm actually considering a Balenciaga to alternate with my heavy (but my love) Birkin.

    Anyway, I have a Trim 31cm in Togo leather. It's the shoulder bag that was the original Jackie "O." It also comes in a great 35cm. It's super light, chic and has really cool hw. MUCH less than a Birkin, too. Beween 3-4k. Check them out in our reference thread and there are a few on ebay. I LOVE the Trim!
  13. Hi Cal! Welcome! :yahoo: In addition to the Trim there's also the Massai. It's a shoulder bag that can also be folded over into a (large) clutch. :flowers:
  14. *waves* Hi Cal! I don't know the answer to your question but just wanted to Welcome you to the Orange Side!
  15. Welcome to the dark side Cal!