Advice for Getting Fit with Kids?

  1. Before I had kids, I used to work out in the mornings before work and did pretty well. Three kids later (including twins who are in preschool), and I'm having a heck of a time getting myself to work out on a regular basis. Someone's home sick, running carpool, juggling deadlines, and other things all seem to take over.

    I know that working out in the mornings is best for me because, once the day gets going, it's no longer my own. Does anyone have any advice or ideas?

    I don't need to lose a lot of weight; I've had some back problems in the past so I'm really motivated to get stronger and in better shape so I can continue enjoying my kids and keeping up with them. Oh, and if I drop ten pounds in the process, that'd be great, too!

    Would appreciate your ideas and support. I'm pretty frustrated with myself and feel like if I can't get in a 45 minute a.m workout, then I shouldn't do anything, which is usually what happens!:confused1:
  2. How about just keeping your goals simple and realistic (for now) and starting off with quickie 20-minute workouts? 45 minutes is a tall order for a busy mom, and 20 minutes of cardio on a daily basis is enough to reap positive health benefits.

    I have 2 kids under 5 and I am in the same predicament. We're in the process of buying some exercise equipment and after we get the elliptical, I'm hoping to carve out 20-minute elliptical workouts on a daily basis. In my case, I'm NOT a morning exerciser, so I'd probably try to do it after the kids are in bed, around 8pm. I know that's not ideal since experts think it late exercising can cause insomnia, but with my high-maintenance kids and stressful job, I'm pretty sure that falling asleep won't be an issue!

    Good luck!
  3. Maybe try some yoga in the mornings to start off with...doing that daily will help to strengthen your muscles and make you more flexible. I'd also get some ten pound weights and when you have time during the day do some squats and arm excercises.
  4. Although I have no experience in the mom part, and I could not imagine how hectic everything must be for you. However if the mornings is all you have for your workout, how about a quick cardio like KristyDarling said, 20 minutes is a good amount, and some light weight lifting? Pilates is a great way to tone up! You can alternate your days of cardio and light weights/pilates.

  5. Push the twins in a double jogging stroller and have your older ride her bike. Make it a trip to the park, especially if you can find one with a jogging track. Then you can all play when you get there. Better yet, bring a soccer ball and you can all play soccer together. Then you can let them play while you run an extra lap. Finish up by doing lunges or squats while they play on the playscape. At home, lay down on the floor and use your kids as weights. Raise them in the air with your legs like a squat. Let them take turns - the kids will probably wear you out and squeal with delight while waiting their turn! You can also stand and do squats while holding your child. Buy scooters and you can all go scootering down the sidewalk. These are all the things I used to do with my kids, and still do.